• Sakrilegeville

    2019 Month-wise

    January 24, 2019 by Sakrilegeville
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  • JulieWild

    Drachenfels Chronicles

    November 24, 2018 by JulieWild

    Black Friday! Or rather Saturday... Excited about the new Flutterglint Dragon, but not enough gold saved. Spend 14 CHF for 530 gold; not willing to spend another 14 CHF, so: no GPD for me this time.

    Instead, I bought: 4th Nest for 500g

    Fairy Crossroads 75g; +5 places

    Our Home 150g (replacing Big Yellow Plateau) +2 places

    Aquaria City 150g (replacing Big Blue Lagoon) +2 places

    Arcane Alluvium 150g +5 places

    Roost activation 50g


    Total spent: 1075 gold

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    Bingo Obstacles

    October 25, 2018 by AMBERWOOL

    What do each of the obstacles look like? Bingo says to clear a Timberwood tree. What does it look like? I have a tree to finish clearing but I don't know which type it is anymore.

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  • Smiler67

    Scary Night quest

    October 21, 2018 by Smiler67

    Hi, I have achieved the terror gem but it hasn't yet appeared in my storage, any advice please?  :-)

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  • Sakrilegeville

    Stupid TL/S8

    September 23, 2018 by Sakrilegeville

    Every now and then when I purchase gold at discount it does not reflect in my game and even though eventually they have credited the same to the game....the time lost is not acceptable.... I tried everything reinstalled the game....wrote to support team.... I bought gold keeping in mind the ongoing dragon tales on Saturday.... Now have lost 2 days of playing stuck at chapter 9 because I needed gold to skip the dragon evolving even if they credit gold tomorrow on Monday...I will have to finish chapter section by spending gold to obtain the cadabra dragon...😤😤😤😤😤

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  • Sakrilegeville

    Discount Gold

    June 12, 2018 by Sakrilegeville

    It’s been quite a while...but s8/TL have not offered gold on discount.... Or is it that I’m not being offered gold on discount? Because they’ve released all these soccer type dragons ...I was hoping they’d offer gold on discount so I can purchase all these dragons 😊

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  • Sakrilegeville

    So i need TL/S8 to change their ways

    Cause I cannot play this game anymore....

    No space to put the new dragons in....

    a Dragon Stable with 80 capacity fully occupied....they could increase capacity....

    And a fully occupied island....with 996 some spares Super Rares for essence trading....

    The new expansion now takes over a month unless I spend gold i.e (discounted rate) money ₹500-800 or 7-12 USD for every expansion...

    So how do I play?

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  • Sakrilegeville

    Can someone please help with a special checklist for champion and diamond types dragon only....considering these are the unique type dragons in DS ....maybe someone could help write or draft a template for checklist for these two type so of dragons only...

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  • Liga Ruby Vázquez Navarro
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  • Sakrilegeville

    On 16th April this year I finally got my 1000th unique dragon on the main island The codex shows there are 1100+ total dragons available...

    I want to reach out to other players who have obtained 1000 or more unique dragons... How they manage them in terms of space on the island, evolving preferences, etc

    In the iOS version in island overview tab there is a game centre section which shows some players having 1100 dragons as well... I would love to visit their islands in the game...

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  • Midaz


    April 20, 2018 by Midaz

    What is this supposed to be?

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  • Furqanpanjwani

    Dragon Names

    April 20, 2018 by Furqanpanjwani

    All About Bearded Dragons You are here: Home / Bearded Dragon Names / 1000+ Cool Bearded Dragon Names (A-Z List)

    August 28, 2017 By Eileen Leave a Comment [1]Finding the perfect dragon names for your pet can be difficult. It becomes even more difficult for lizards such as a bearded dragon or leopard geckos because they may not have any noticeable personality at first as cats or dogs would.

    If you are stuck finding a perfect names for your bearded dragon, you can simply take a look at the huge list below of alphabetical bearded dragon names ideas to get the wheels turning.

    The bearded dragon names below are organized alphabetically (A-Z) that will make it easy for you to find a name, in case you are looking for a bearded dragon name starting w…

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  • Tranceplant

    Dragon Tales

    February 23, 2018 by Tranceplant

    I tried to add a screen shot of my planning sheet but looks like the Add Photo option is FUBAR. Basically tasks in rows, timeline in columns. Fill in tasks in merged cells to attempt to optimize requirements.

    Quest EARLY and OFTEN. Scrutinize gaps in Crafting to squeeze in Marble Keys. Feed and Evolve dragons as early as possible. Keep planting food. Battle ON. Here is a Dropbox link to the spreadsheet: ---

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  • SilverToes

    My favorite is the japanese dragon

    My top three (3) are

    (1) Japanese Dragon (owned)

    (2) Glass Wing Dragon (owned)

    (3) Gold Dragon (owned)

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  • Neil2255

    My dragons

    November 27, 2017 by Neil2255

    DragonStory DB *Home

    • Battle
    • Events
    • Breeding [beta]
    • Dragon Info
    • Account

    log out|feedback|news|help|legal

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  • JulieWild

    Minor type split list

    August 25, 2017 by JulieWild

    Here's a list for all players that don't remember always into which other elements a minor element can split.

    Mythic = red and yellow

    Cosmic = purple and yellow

    Royal = purple and yellow

    Stone = green and white

    Metal = blue and white

    Zodiac = black and yellow

    Champion = red, purple and blue

    Rainbow = blue and yellow

    Tropic = blue and red

    Egyptian = yellow and white

    Gemstone = blue and green

    Dino = green and red

    Fairytaile = green and yellow

    Soccer = blue and green

    Black = blue and purple

    Pink = red and white

    Olympus does not split.

    Element adds one color, either red, green, blue or yellow.

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  • Alexya Starr

    Dragon Story

    July 6, 2017 by Alexya Starr
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  • DragonsOfSenneS

    Would it be possible to implement a trading system for dragons? Because one of my main goals is to have all the dragons but there are just too many unbreedable dragons I don't have and I think it would take ages to get them all. So what if there was a feature that you could trade dragons.

    Ofcourse people would abuse this by trading Common Dragons for Super Rare ones so maybe I thought you could only trade Rare Dragons for Rare Dragons and Super Rare for Super Rare so it would be more fair. 

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  • Sakrilegeville

    I was just calculating how much food it would take me to evolve the following dragons to level 15: Glasswing Rainbow Sentinel Achilles Astromancer Berserker Metal

    3.6 million food after much effort and planning I somehow manage say 20,000 food a day which is a difficult task..but say I did manage... It would still take me 180 days ... That's six months....more or less... Six months....six months.... I'd have to abandon playing any DT, Leaderboard, WE and even if I did play all these I would not be able to feed any other dragon for the interim period.... These six dragons constitute a portion of the total 28 dragons I want to evolve to level 15 of which I've already managed to evolve 10 during which time I missed out on a lot of …

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  • Bossman1959

    Okay, I've read the page with the two different ways to re-install the Dragon Story app and get the data back. But the information on the page hasn't been updated since 2015. Samsung has their Smart Switch method of moving all the data from your old phone to the new phone. Before I do anything, I want to know what is the best way to bring the app to my new phone. I've invested way too much time and energy into my island to lose everything because I do something wrong. I have 725 dragons hatched and 3 in storage. I also have 213 habitats and I'm on level 180. I don't want to lose any of this. I definitely need to know what is the correct way to proceed.

    Thank you for your assistance!!!

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  • Bossman1959

    I've finished the Battle tournament and won the Daredevil Dragon. I've hatched the little guy and he's in the process of growing up. About halfway through the new Leaderboard event and I'm sitting in second place. The player in first has been in first the whole time. No matter what I do, they do that little extra bit to stay ahead. Although I think we are so far ahead of the others in our bunch, like 11,000 or 12,000 points, it might be hard to catch us. I just want to get that High Priestess Dragon without having to buy it.

    It seems to take 364,000 experience points to reach every level now. I just hit level 177 today. I read on the Storm 8 forum pages that play levels out at the higher levels for some players. I can see that. I felt a big…

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  • Maraxas

    This is the third time I've attempted a Dragon Tales - first time I ran out of time, second time I ran out of food, and this time I actually bought food. Around 75k, produced the rest with BUFFBEETS and UPGRAPES. Planting crops every 3-10 minutes is not fun. Also used my 10x food boosts on Rushrooms and Firapples, but that was only 4 hours.

    The conclusion is that the food (300k or so) is the hard part by far, but if you store it up ahead of time it isn't that bad. I ran out of money yesterday, but I was able to do 5 Buffbeets+2 Upgrapes, which comes to 5*20*20 + 2*100*6= 3200 per hour. Naturally doing all upgrapes gives you more, but it's also pricier if you're doing it for hours at a time. But I did start out doing 7*100*6=4200 per hour, f…

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  • Maraxas

    Time To Be Thrifty

    April 27, 2017 by Maraxas

    I'm really bad at saving up gold or crops in this game - as soon as I have it, I want to spend it all! I got up to 32K food and immediately used it to raise my Diamond dragon to level 13. I used my 10x boost to get back up to 20K with firapples, so hopefully I can keep going till I get to 100K or beyond.

    And then gold, sigh... I was consistently using gold for Bingo, so I never had much left over. Yesterday I told myself, "OK, let's go easy on Bingo this week," and then... immediately spent 10 gold to refresh tasks. OK NEXT TIME, REALLY. Should be slightly easier once I get my Gold Horizon up and running, hopefully. Because I really really want to be able to buy another GPD...

    I get at least 3 bars a day from neighbors, usually more, so that…

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  • Maraxas

    Higher level rares

    April 27, 2017 by Maraxas

    I've noticed that the higher my level gets, the more rare/super rares I seem to get. I got a Metal dragon, a Disco dragon, and a Social dragon just in the past two days. Also got two Cloud dragons, another Landworm and another Atlantis last week. All without boosted breeding! Sure, I'm still getting commons, but more like 2/3 rather than 9/10. 

    I heard a rumor that your social score has to do with it too, but I've been maxed out for ages, so I don't think I buy that.

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  • Maraxas

    Bingo Adventures

    April 19, 2017 by Maraxas

    I've cut back on games since I started Dragon Story this January, but I used to play a couple of hours of Bingo a day on my phone. So when I got to level 16 and saw the Adventure League, I was supremely excited. Bingo and DS, my two favorite games, together at last! I didn't quite get the point of the tickets, since you start out in Timber League and all that...

    So let's see, Timber, Stone, Bronze, Silver - that's four weeks, plus another five weeks in Gold League. And I realized that the point of the tickets was to create special dragons. Or more specifically, create the Gold Horizon dragon , the only gold-producing dragon that theoretically is free (but I've spent about $25 on it, probably, which is still less than the cost of the cheapes…

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  • Maraxas

    Diamond Tales

    April 19, 2017 by Maraxas

    Like everyone else, I was oohing and ahhing over the Diamond as soon as I really understood What It Meant. The rarest dragon! That has no known parents! So yeah, went ahead and did the four types as often as I could, but no dice. I was on level 55 and getting upset about it, really. But my birthday was the next week, so I told myself, Self, you can just buy the darn thing for your birthday.

    And guess what happens 88 hours before my birthday...

    Bingo slot asked me to breed with an Olympus dragon. I had just bought it, so I thought, HMM better breed with a triple, just in case, or at least I'll get some cool hybrids. So I paired it with Thunderbird and WOAH !!! 43:59:59! I was pretty darned excited, let me tell you. I jumped up and down and da…

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  • Tranceplant

    This will be an ongoing list as things occur to me over time.  I believe this reflects the views of MANY advanced players.  This list is NOT in any particular order of importance.  Just as things come to mind.  I encourage others to write comments and add to thois list as they see fit.

    1.  We have recently seen color filters added to the breeding scrollbar interface.  I would LOVE to see these aded to the Battle/Arena interface.  Sometimes I know exactly what type of dragon I want to battle with but with 600+ dragons it is very time consuming to scroll to find it.  The color filters wou;ld make this MUCH more efficient.

    2.  In Breeding there is a new Rebreed button.  We need a Replant button on farms.  I usually plant Rushrooms, sometimes Up…

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  • SmartAlyx

    Breeding THEORY, Algorithm Analysis, & DIAMONDs

    Table of Contents...

    {1}       Breeding THEORY...

    {2}       Summary of BEST BP's... 

    {3}       DIAMOND Breeding... 

    {4}       BEST DIAMOND Parents...

    {5}       BEST DIAMOND BP's...

    {6}       SPLITTING...

    {7}       Splitting List... 

    {8}       Black Types Parents Behavior... 

    {9}       Type Representatives...

    {10}     Breeding Breeders...

    {11}     ALGORITHM to ANALYZE BP's... 

    {12}     ALGORITHM...

    {13}     PASSION Breeding...

    {14}     ALGORITHM ANALYSIS... 

    {15}     Addendum... 

    {16}     "To INFINITY, & beyond!"

    {17}     Tournament Tips...

    {18}     Show your METAL... 


    {20}     DFS VARIANT... 

    {21}     Contact & Communication...  


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  • HuckBellery


    January 13, 2017 by HuckBellery
    Previous Event -- *event, ex. til this season world event* -- Next Event

    The ' was the first limited time Dragon Tales event released in Dragon Story.


    Chapter 1 (2 Acts)

    1. Plant Buffbeets. (Skip: 1)
    2. Harvest Buffbeets. (Skip: 1)
    Prize: Moonlight Dragon

    Chapter 2 (3 Acts)

    1. Feed your Moonlight Dragon. (Skip: 1)
    2. Visit 3 Neighbors. (Skip: 3)
    3. Harvest 1 Pumpwings. (Skip: 10)
    Prize: 410 21,000

    Chapter 3 (3 Acts)

    1. Raise a Moonlight Dragon to Level 3 or 4. (Skip: 3)
    2. Complete Mapping the Island. (Skip: 18)
    3. Craft a Spell Scroll. (Skip: 6)
    Prize: 10 Mystic Maps

    Chapter 4 (3 Acts)

    1. Win 3 Battle Arena matches. (Skip: 30)
    2. Raise a Moonlight Dragon to level 5. (Skip: 25)
    3. Complete Mapping the Island. (Skip: 24)
    Prize: 410 21,000

    Chapter 5 (3 Act…

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  • TigerVictor


    November 26, 2016 by TigerVictor

    Hello,my name is TigerVictor A.K.A Victor.

    I've been playing DS since 2013,and I loved it since then.

    I only joined the forums like 4 months ago,but I also love them.

    My favourite dragons are (top 3)

    1.Crown Jewel



    The rest are also really nice,this was just my top.

    I'm waiting for you to come to my profile and ask stuff,I'll answer to anything.

    I really love this game and will never leave it.


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  • J's Dragons

    Diamond Dragon Hybrids

    I had a weak moment when the Diamond Dragon went on sale for only $20 (which is 75% off, meaning it was normally $80!! I'd say that's a steal considering there's a possibility that you may never breed one!). But anyways, I'll be logging the dates of when each Diamond hybrid was successfully bred.

    Ahaha, also I know this won't be the most stimulating of reads, but I hope y'all enjoy it nonetheless. :)

    Dragons will be in order as listed in store.

    ~ ~ ~

    Type: Diamond

    Breeding Time: 40 hours

    ~ ~ ~

    • 9-28-16 // First Infinity Dragon and I'm super excited! Currently level 6, hopefully level 10 soon!

    Type: Diamond, Yellow

    Breeding Time: 44 hours

    ~ ~ ~

    Type: Diamond, Red

    Breeding Time: 44 hours

    ~ ~ ~

    • 9-9-16 // First Crusader Dragon!! He's now level…

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  • Knj00


    August 11, 2016 by Knj00

    As you gain experience in Dragon Story, your player level will eventually increase. Leveling up sometimes offers rewards such as unlocking new types of dragons or extra habitats. Levels can be increased by gaining experience points. Experience points can be earned by achieving the following:

    • Hatching dragon eggs
    • Purchasing a new habitat or decoration
    • Clearing foliage from an island
    • Harvesting crops from a farm
    • Completing goals
    • Visiting a neighbor daily
    • Collecting from a sparkling habitat, which has received a bonus from another player.


    • Once you reach a certain level, you will continue to gain experience and levels, but you will no longer receive rewards. As such, this page will not list rewards for the levels past that point.
      • On October 31, 2…

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  • J's Dragons

    Tips n' Tricks

    August 10, 2016 by J's Dragons

    Tips n' Tricks: My Playing Guide

    ~ ~ ~

    Hola friendos.

    I have returned with a new blog post! Here, I will write about playing tips that I know, and I'll update it every time I learn something new! Obviously, no one plays exactly the same way, so just take these tips how you will, it's all good! ^-^

    ~ ~ ~


    While I personally believe mass farming is better than buying one plant and waiting hours and hours for it grow, I often do both. When I'm just home all day not doing anything but watching Netflix or geekin' it out with videogames, I'll mass farm Buffbeets (120 coins, 3 min). It's fairly easy for me to plant, then return to what I was doing, collect, replant, repeat! But on the other hand, before I drift off to sleep I'll plant Diamondate…

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  • J's Dragons

    Long Term Goal 1

    July 7, 2016 by J's Dragons

    Long Term Goal #1: Gemstones for a Friend

    05:24, July 7, 2016 (UTC)

    Hiya everyone!

    Today, I was extremely bored, so I decided to text my friend Ari, who indulges me in my slight DS obsession, and ask her to review a list of currently avaliable Gemstone type dragons, and then, decide which were her favorites. She complied with my request, and sent me the list.

    ME: And the Ruby Dragon?

    ARI: Ruby looked ~really cool~ with not only two heads, but these wings that were like, I don't know, crystals, which were like actual rubies. And plus it was one of the babies I found super adorable.

    Below, I have comprised lists of the materials each dragon needs in order to be crafted. I don't think I'll list hours needed total or otherwise since making tables on …

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  • TexasSweetie

    I have tried for some time to figure out a way to determine the best “Fightin’ Dragons” and have seen a number of posts here and on other sources of the same type. Well, I got lost in my head and spreadsheets the past few days and I have come up with a list of Dragons that I believe is a pretty nice starting place.

    First of all - a little fine print: This is in NO WAY a scientific or verifiable list. It should not be considered to be from an expert (as I am not one & this is all from my own head). It is not from gamecode and it is not an exhaustive list by any means. Also: Pure Champion types & DIPPS have already been pretty well talked about. Most people (including some verifying through game code) have defined them as very nice fighters. …

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  • JulieWild

    Right, I've stolen this blog idea from NightLullaby and a couple of others, but since I'm so unexpectedly creative lately, I thought I'll spam my ideas into my own user page. Some of them came out of the blue, some I got when I was scanning DeviantArt and Google for dragon artwork for my Sightseeing blog. Let's see how long my inspiration will last.

    Enjoy reading, and if you get inspired with your own ideas for dragons, I would be happy to read about them! Also feel free to comment on my ideas.

    Fanwing Dragon

    Based on Fairy; white/blue/green

    The ability of these dragons’ wings to cool and refresh the air they touch and imbue it with a pleasant, insect-repellent scent has, next to their stunning beauty, brought this species almost to extinction…

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  • TexasSweetie

    Let me start with a few of my DS pet peeves. These are not complaints to TL/DS about the game (I have a few of those, but that is a different story). These are just things that drive me crazy during my everyday game play:

    1) Scrolling through page after page, while looking for the correct dragons to breed or send into battle.

    2) Never ending lines at the Evolution Que.

    3) Flustered brain as to who I should be feeding and upgrading.

    4) Feeding my hard worked for apples, only to realize that it is on a useless dragon (to me, imo) that I eventually just stick in the stable or a faraway island to forget.

    5) My inability to sort out in my head what dragons are out there that I still really want. (And once I figure it out, having to scroll through pa…

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  • Marler01


    May 9, 2016 by Marler01

    Completed Collections:

    • Artic Isles (19 total including Glacius)
    • Tropic (4 Total)
    • Egypt (4 Total)
    • Soccer (5 Total)

    Incomplete Collections/Who is missing:

    • Prime (7 Total)
      • All
    • Diamond (20 Total - 3 are Artic Isle Dragons)
      • Angel
      • Anubis
      • Astromancer
      • Black Diamond
      • Dark Angel
      • Diamond Prism
      • Gold
      • Helios
      • Mercury
      • Prism
      • Unicorn
      • Valiant
    • Gold or to purchase (Totals 11 Gold, 3 Champion, 4 Other)
      • Forbidden
      • Gilded
      • Goldleaf
      • Goldwing
      • Northstar
      • Treasure
      • Stainglass (not available for purchase)
      • Valkyrie (Champion)
      • Ninja (Champion)
      • Paladin (Champion)
      • Compass Rose (Bomb)
    • Gemstone (19 Total)
      • Sunburst (unavailable)
      • Black Pearl (unavailable)
    • Rainbow (18 Total)
      • Double Rainbow
      • Iris
      • Tie Dye
      • Triple Rainbow
      • Chameleon
      • Lunar Rainbow
      • Sour Candy
      • Pride (unavailable)
      • Rainbow Sentinel (unavailable)
    • Metal (14 Total)
      • Darksteel …

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  • NightLullaby

    This is a post with egg pictures for our admins to edit and use them.

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  • XBaMPrincess

    Hello all, and welcome to my mini blog dedicated to tackling the terrible global Leaderboard Event! You've come to the right place if you are keen on acquirring more event points faster, and more efficiently without (hopefully) spending a single gold to meet your milestone goals! This guide aims to allow regular players to cope better in this horribly imbalanced event with hopes of delivering what YOU personally want to get from the respective events. For those uncertain or unclear about what the Leaderboard Event is, feel free to click here. (Don't worry, you will not be redirected :3)

    The Leaderboard Event is a savage beast to the unknowing player's poor wallets, as this single event by far opens up the most opportunity for one to spend gold…

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  • Smaugtastic

    Dragon Story Secrets/Tourney Battle Plans

    There are a few secrets encoded into Dragon Story (DS), that if you don't know, while you may still enjoy the game, may cause tourneys to be especially frustrating and difficult, to say the least. And it may occassionally cause you grief when a Dragon Tale (DT) act coincides with a particularly difficult tourney round, perhaps even derailing the DT. I would like to uncover those secrets. They are: 1) That there are two kinds of wealth in DS, one obvious and one totally hidden. 2) The fierce power of champion dragons.  3) The real value of Diamond dragons. 4) The tourney battle plan. 5) Distractions, what they are and how to avoid them.

    1.  Two kinds of wealth in DS.

    The obvious one is gold. It is no r…

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  • 777Xenon

    The Names Of My Dragons

    April 23, 2016 by 777Xenon

    To those who care. Thanks to JulieWild for allowing me to steal her idea. Take a look at her list if you want to.

    Dragon Name Reason
    Celtic McGregor Named after the Irish former UFC featherweight champion, Conor McGregor. My Celtic Dragon is actually really good in the arena, and actually did most of the work in the Immovable Tournement.
    Air Kaze Japanese word for wind
    Fire Big Xeno, Ash I thought it would be fitting to name my first dragon after myself. Before he was an adult, his name was Lil'Xeno. Ash is an automated name.
    Forest Capricorn, Erikson, Woodchip Capricorn is an automated name. Erikson is named after the Icelandic explorer, Leif Erikson, whose name sounds like 'leaf'. I'm not entirely sure why I named the other one 'Woodchip'...

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  • Tranceplant
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  • Tranceplant

    Forbidden Love

    February 10, 2016 by Tranceplant


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  • Manlulupig

    Need active neighbors

    January 9, 2016 by Manlulupig

    map neighbor needed or occasional 💰 swap, we are active players pls add: matindi manlulupig mabangis manlulupig3 pinapaitan dolans62 Manlulupig4 manlulupig5 hanzorazor mabangis101 raymund421. We will respond to all map or flower request... Or any random question about DS

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  • DeeDe99

    Over on the Storm8 Forum I've been writing a series of posts about tracking your dragons, as dragon lists came up in discussions.

    If anyone is interested, click here !

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  • JulieWild


    January 5, 2016 by JulieWild

    Here I'll put images that I like, from Dragon Story and other places.

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  • Atlantis536

    The Evolution of Dragons

    December 19, 2015 by Atlantis536

    Ever wondered how Dragons evolved over the ages? Wonder no more, as I have a possible idea how the 500+ dragons we know today got their unique abilities, colors and decors.

    • In the Prehistoric age of human history, humans lived in caves, wore animal skins, and used sticks to make tools. Dragons at that time evolved to live well in a startup society. They grew enormous amounts of hair to camouflage well against herds of mammoths. If humans mistook the enormous dragons for mammoths, they can't hunt them as their skin is rock hard. If they did successfully hunt the dragons, they were rewarding because the meat is made of a lot of muscle. Descendants of these great dragons are now known as the Ice Age Dragons.
    • In the Ancient age of human history…
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  • NightLullaby

    Dragon Names

    December 6, 2015 by NightLullaby

    I'm tired of calling to my mind, was any name already used or not, when a new dragon takes its place on my islands. So I decided to list the names of my dragons here. Also it's a good source of inspiration to call or rename some dragons in harmony with others. I'm not that original in naming, sometimes I can just use analogue russian words to name a dragon or leave the delault name. Also I'll try to describe which thoughts led me when I used a name or what it refers for.

    Abominable - Bumble
    Abyss - Cinder
    Aether - Mysteria
    Air - Skye (it reminds me Sky from "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.")
    Aladdin - Estray
    Alpine - Sleet
    Ambassador - Lori (Takarada from "Skip Beat!" manga, lol)
    Amethyst - Delsir (Diablo 3 Sorceress' set)
    Amphora - Spark
    Apollo - Helios

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  • Mango the shepezz

    Fuzzy blog

    December 5, 2015 by Mango the shepezz

    This is fuzzy blog! Ask me questions about dragon story or ff story and I will try to answer

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