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If you are still experiencing issues, you can try Hyper ch's external breeding tool.

DISCLAIMER: The Breeding Calculator is a player-updated tool. While we try our best to keep it up-to-date, TeamLava makes constant changes to the breeding rules, which can sometimes be implemented quickly, but other times they require a complete restructure of the code. If something happens in the game that doesn't match the results shown by the tool and the unexpected behavior continues AFTER you have cleared your cache, please report it.

Because things change from time to time, remember to clear your cache to get the updated code before you attempt to report an error. We appreciate your patience and cooperation. Thank you.

***ATTENTION*** As of September 3, 2013, the code and how it interacts with the data has been significantly changed in order to support Arctic Isles dragon behavior. You must get the updated code or the calculator will not work. This can be done by manually clearing your cache or waiting for the browser to clear your cache for you. If you do not seem to be successfully clearing your cache, try using CTRL + SHIFT + R to avoid sticky caching.

Note that different players are reporting different breeding times and gold costs for the same dragons, and it seems as if TeamLava is in the middle of testing different values on us. We are not sure when they will stabilize the values, but we will update them as soon as possible. For now, we have arbitrarily decided to list all Arctic Isles dragons as 8 hour times, but keep in mind that your game might have 4, 8, or 12 hour times. The same time will be used for all of your Arctic Isles dragons.

Breeding Outcomes

See what happens when you breed two dragons here.

* For players without the new timer system, dragons with incubation times of longer than 24 hours will inaccurately show a time rounded up to the next whole day when you first breed them (Ex: 25 hours gets rounded to 2 days). To determine how many hours the incubation will take, check the initial gold cost.

Breeding Possibilities

See which dragons you can use to breed your desired dragon here.

* Dragon level, order, and species do not affect the probability of getting a rare dragon. To breed a desired dragon, you simply need the correct parents and enough patience while we confirm the rules and update the tool.

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