The Breeding Den is used to breed dragons together to create a new dragon. A pair of dragons are put into the breeding den for an amount of time determined by the resulting baby hatchling, followed by the placing of a baby hatchling dragon's egg in a Nest.

  • Normal breeding session costs 200 Coin20px.
  • Boosted Breeding session costs 12 Gold20px.
    • (Pay for an increase in probability of a rare or super rare dragon outcome)

Check the Breeding Calculator for information about possible offspring or how to breed particular dragons.

Dragon Islands

Breeding Den The Breeding Den is a lovely place to start a new dragon family.

Level Available: 3

Cost to Build: 500 Coin20px

Build Time: 1 minutes

Exp Gained: 5 Exp20px

Arctic Isles

Frozen Breeding Den This is the only area which inexplicably stays warm during the cold Artic nights. Breed your new Ice Age Dragons here!

Level Available: 35


  • A "rebreed" button was added to the Breeding Den along with the update on January 27, 2017 (iOS). This button allows players to re-select their last breeding pair immediately.
    • The "rebreed" button was released on Android Feb. 04, 2015.

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