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The Bumps in the Dark World Event was the twenty-fourth limited time World Event released in Dragon Story.

Boo EpicWhite Witch EpicSkeleton EpicSpider Epic

Players could collect Carved Pumpkins Carved Pumpkin to earn the following dragons and decor.
Carved Pumpkins were obtainable by the following:

Individual Prizes

Name Pumpkin Amounts Purchase Price Reward
Tree of Treats 25Carved Pumpkin 25Gold20px Tree of Treats
Cursed Cottage 250Carved Pumpkin 225Gold20px Cursed Cottage
Boo Dragon 500Carved Pumpkin 250Gold20px Boo Baby
White Witch Dragon 800Carved Pumpkin 300Gold20px White Witch Baby
Skeleton Dragon 1,500Carved Pumpkin 700Gold20px Skeleton Baby

Community Prizes

Name Pumpkin Amounts Reward
Creepy Candles 25,000,000Carved Pumpkin Creepy Candles
Dragon Crypt 60,000,000Carved Pumpkin Dragon Crypt
Spider Dragon 105,000,000Carved Pumpkin Spider Baby


  • The Bumps in the Dark World Event was available at level 23.
  • The Bumps in the Dark World Event began on October 21, 2016 and ended on October 28, 2016.
  • The Bumps in the Dark World Event reused early released dragons, which were available during limited Halloween seasons in the past.
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