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Feature Overview: Codex

The Dragon Codex is an excellent way to keep track of your dragon collection! Use it to see what dragons you have and which you want to obtain next. By using a dragon's Essence, you can craft nearly any dragon available in the game!

Almost every dragon can be found and created with enough Essence from the Codex!


Essence: To attract the new dragons you're looking to collect to your Island you'll need some Essence. When a caretaker and dragon develop a bond, the Essence of that love stays behind even if the dragon leaves to see other parts of the world and help other caretakers with their islands. New dragons will be attracted to the amount of Essence left behind and want to join you on your Island.

To part ways with a dragon a caretaker will head over to the Dragon Portal and send them off onto their own adventure. The dragon will leave the caretaker and Island but leave behind some Essence. You can then go to the Codex, select a new dragon, and if you have enough Essence, craft it!

Trading Portal
Trading Guide & Essence Cost
Dragons Hours to Trade Essence Received Essence required to Craft
Fire, Forest, Air, Water,
Light, and Olympus
16 1 100
Magic* 8 2 100
Commons 8 2 100
Rares 12 10 400
Super Rares 12 40 800
Ultra Rares 12 100 1,600
*The Magic Dragon is the only single-type Common to give 2 Essence.


  • The Codex replaced the Dragon Album on February 20, 2018.
  • The only dragons not available in the Codex for iOS are Android, Mammoth and the Arctic Isles Dragons.
  • The only dragons not available in the Codex for non-iOS are the Arctic Isles Dragons.
  • As of March 2018, newly released dragons show up in the Codex but cannot be crafted with Essence.
    • However, some of those dragons become craftable at a later date.
  • At a later date, the Hours to Trade were cut in half for most dragons.