Feature Overview: Dawn Tree

Dawn Tree

Since the Beginning of Dragon Story: New Dawn, some players may notice a little yellow tree on an island near the starting one, that is the Dawn Tree.

Within the game's story, the Dawn Tree protected the Light Dragon from extinction and created Dawntree Dragons to act as its spiritual children.

Its purpose in the game isn't just for plothole filling. Once found, the Dawn Tree will activate special Goals that will unlock Buildings that boost the coin capacity of certain habitats.

Each of those goals involves basically the same action: evolving Dragons to their Epic Form. According to the types of the Epic Dragons present in the island, the following boosts will be unlocked for purchase in the Market:

Boost Name Image Type
Eternal Flame Eternal Flame Red
Flower Egg Flower Egg Green
Sunshine Temple Sunshine Temple Yellow
Pantheon Pool Pantheon Pool Blue
Planetary Tower Planetary Tower Purple
Garden of Light Garden of Light White


  • The coin capacity of Premium Habitats that hold 2 different types of dragons are unaffected by boosts.

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