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  • Complete all Chapters of the Dragon Tales events to earn new dragons and learn about the origins of the Dragon Isles along the way!
  • New prize after completing each chapter!
  • This page contains the most recent or currently active Dragon Tales Event.
  • A list of all Dragon Tale Events can be found here.

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Current Dragon Tales

Wandering Wilds Dragon Tales Event

Select your level:
Levels 80-200 - Levels 32-79 - Levels 17-31

Chapter 1 (4 Acts)

1. Plant 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12Gold)
2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 50Gold)
3. Feed ANY dragons 5 times. (Skip: 10Gold) (Prize:200 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
4. Plant ANY 6 crops. (Skip: 12Gold)
Prize: 1 Tri MarkerTri Marker.png

Chapter 2 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 5 Gold.png

1. Feed ANY dragons 8 times. (Skip: 16Gold)
2. Plant 3 Impruberries. (Skip: 48Gold) (Prize:200 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
3. Collect Woodland Tokens from Breeding. (Skip: 30Gold) (Prize:1 Tri MarkerTri Marker.png)
4. Start crafting your Tri Dragon. (Skip: 14Gold)
Prize: 15,000 Coins

Chapter 3 (3 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 10 Gold.png

1. Finish crafting and Hatch your Tri Dragon. (Skip: 21Gold)
2. Raise Tri Dragon to level 3. (Skip: 7Gold) (Prize:200 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
3. Start the Mastering Mountains Quest. (Skip: 7Gold)
Prize: 2,500 Firapples.png

Chapter 4 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 15 Gold.png

1. Start the Alpine Hike Quest. (Skip: 7Gold)
2. Raise Tri Dragon to level 4. (Skip: 20Gold)
3. Breed with a Mist Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold) (Prize:200 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
4. Start crafting a Rainbow Lantern. (Skip: 20Gold)
Prize: 12 Mystic MapsMystic Map.png

Chapter 5 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 20 Gold.png

1. Raise Tri Dragon to level 7. (Skip: 21Gold)
2. Craft and decorate with a Rainbow Lantern. (Skip: 25Gold) (Prize:200 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
3. Collect Woodland Tokens from Breeding. (Skip: 30Gold) (Prize:1 Prismatic MarkerPrismatic Marker.png)
4. Start the Mastering Mountains Quest. (Skip: 7Gold)
Prize: 4,000 Firapples.png

Chapter 6 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 25 Gold.png

1. Start crafting a Chromatic Treasure. (Skip: 12Gold)
2. Hatch a common Aetherstorm Dragon (Breed white + blue). (Skip: 50Gold) (Prize:1 Prismatic MarkerPrismatic Marker.png)
3. Start the Alpine Hike Quest. (Skip: 15Gold)
4. Raise Tri Dragon to level 11. (Skip: 100Gold)
5. Collect Woodland Tokens from Breeding. (Skip: 60Gold)
Prize: 200 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png

Chapter 7 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 30 Gold.png

1. Complete the Mastering Mountains Quest. (Skip: 24Gold)
2. Raise Tri Dragon to level 13. (Skip: 150Gold) (Prize:1 Prismatic MarkerPrismatic Marker.png)
3. Craft and decorate with another Chromatic Treasure. (Skip: 25Gold) (Prize:200 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
4. Breed with a Tri Dragon. (Skip: 25Gold) (Prize:1 Prismatic MarkerPrismatic Marker.png)
5. Start crafting your Prismatic Dragon. (Skip: 9Gold)
Prize: 12 Island PartsIsland Part.png

Chapter 8 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 35 Gold.png

1. Raise Prismatic Dragon to level 5. (Skip: 50Gold)
2. Breed Tri Dragon with a Aetherstorm Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold)
3. Win 1 Fight with your Prismatic Dragon. (Skip: 25Gold)
4. Raise Aetherstorm Dragon to level 6. (Skip: 12Gold) (Prize:460 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
5. Win 2 Fights in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 50Gold)
Prize: 4 Rainbow LanternsRainbow Lantern.png

Chapter 9 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 45 Gold.png

1. Win 2 Fights with your Prismatic Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold)
2. Raise Prismatic Dragon to level 8. (Skip: 30Gold)
3. Complete the Mastering Mountains Quest. (Skip: 24Gold)
4. Craft a Superb Story. (Skip: 40Gold) (Prize:780 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png)
5. Raise Tri Dragon to level 14. (Skip: 180Gold)
Prize: 60 Raw MarblesRaw Marble.png

Chapter 10 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 50 Gold.png

1. Recieve 5 Friendly Letters from Neighbors. (Skip: 35Gold)
2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12Gold)
3. Raise Prismatic Dragon to level 12. (Skip: 225Gold)
4. Craft and decorate with a Rainbow Throne. (Skip: 75Gold)
5. Win 4 Fights in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 100Gold)
Prize: 1,300 Woodland TokensWoodland Token.png

Grand Prize: 1 Faithful Dragon

Dragon Tales: Wandering Wilds

  • A roar was heard in the Island's center that drew the suspicions of many Dragons in the area. What was causing such a primal sound?
  • If this mystery were to be solved, there would need to be an investigation! But whom would be drawn to the cause? First came an Aetherstorm Dragon who knew a couple of helpful dragons...
  • Two heads might be better than one, but three heads must be better than two! To wit, a Tri Dragon arrived on the scene to provide some serious brainpower to the situation!
  • Three voices in unison came to the conclusion that they were in sore need of more dragons if this mystery were to be solved. A call was sent, and aid was to be delivered to this mystery squad.
  • When the call was sent, an answer came shortly. Shining through the canopy, a Prismatic Dragon descended upon the team. It came to help, and help it would bring!
  • Her shining ideas of their journey was truly revolutionary. Every idea she had shone with a brilliance that your average thinker would not have considered. Best of all, here ideas were all light on serious effort!
  • But with the Prismatic Dragon's plans, another dragon would be needed on this team. It was a true group effort and it would need somebody devoted to the cause. Somebody who would never stray from the course...
  • Alas a Faithful Dragon heeded the call. She was devoted to the cause and would see their investigation through. She brought to the table more ideas to find this mysterious roar in the woods...
  • So the party set out to find the roar and its mysterious source. They searched high and low, far and wide. Their search was methodical and according to the best laid plans, yet nothing was yielded.
  • Nobody ever heard this roar again and the source was never found! This mystery would linger for the many days of the Island, yet the truth was never ascertained. This mystery would persist for as long as any dragon remembered it...