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  • Complete all Chapters of the Dragon Tales events to earn new dragons and learn about the origins of the Dragon Isles along the way!
  • New prize after completing each chapter!
  • This page contains the most recent or currently active Dragon Tales Event.
  • A list of all Dragon Tale Events can be found here.

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Current Dragon Tales

Spirit Search Dragon Tales Event

Select your level:
Levels 80-200 - Levels 32-79 - Levels 17-31

Chapter 1 (4 Acts)

1. Plant 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12Gold)
2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 50Gold)
3. Feed ANY dragons 5 times. (Skip: 10Gold) (Prize:200 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
4. Plant ANY 6 crops. (Skip: 12Gold)
Prize: 1 Nightstream MarkerNightstream Marker.png

Chapter 2 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 5 Gold.png

1. Feed ANY dragons 8 times. (Skip: 16Gold)
2. Plant 3 Impruberries. (Skip: 48Gold) (Prize:200 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
3. Collect Wicked Awards from Breeding. (Skip: 30Gold) (Prize:1 Nightstream MarkerNightstream Marker.png)
4. Start crafting your Nightstream Dragon. (Skip: 14Gold)
Prize: 15,000 Coins

Chapter 3 (3 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 10 Gold.png

1. Finish crafting and Hatch your Nightstream Dragon. (Skip: 21Gold)
2. Raise Nightstream Dragon to level 3. (Skip: 7Gold) (Prize:200 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
3. Start the Spooky Sights Quest. (Skip: 7Gold)
Prize: 2,500 Firapples.png

Chapter 4 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 15 Gold.png

1. Start the Halloween Haunting Quest. (Skip: 7Gold)
2. Raise Nightstream Dragon to level 4. (Skip: 20Gold)
3. Breed with a Mist Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold) (Prize:200 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
4. Start crafting a Wicked Broom. (Skip: 20Gold)
Prize: 12 Mystic MapsMystic Map.png

Chapter 5 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 20 Gold.png

1. Raise Nightstream Dragon to level 7. (Skip: 21Gold)
2. Craft and decorate with a Wicked Broom. (Skip: 25Gold) (Prize:200 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
3. Collect Wicked Awards from Breeding. (Skip: 30Gold) (Prize:1 Censer MarkerCenser Marker.png)
4. Start the Spooky Sights Quest. (Skip: 7Gold)
Prize: 4,000 Firapples.png

Chapter 6 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 25 Gold.png

1. Start crafting a Revenant Stone. (Skip: 12Gold)
2. Hatch a common Prettygeist Dragon (Breed pink + purple). (Skip: 50Gold) (Prize:1 Censer MarkerCenser Marker.png)
3. Start the Halloween Haunting Quest. (Skip: 15Gold)
4. Raise Nightstream Dragon to level 11. (Skip: 100Gold)
5. Collect Wicked Awards from Breeding. (Skip: 60Gold)
Prize: 200 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png

Chapter 7 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 30 Gold.png

1. Complete the Spooky Sights Quest. (Skip: 24Gold)
2. Raise Nightstream Dragon to level 13. (Skip: 150Gold) (Prize:1 Censer MarkerCenser Marker.png)
3. Craft and decorate with another Revenant Stone. (Skip: 25Gold) (Prize:200 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
4. Breed with a Nightstream Dragon. (Skip: 25Gold) (Prize:1 Censer MarkerCenser Marker.png)
5. Start crafting your Censer Dragon. (Skip: 9Gold)
Prize: 12 Island PartsIsland Part.png

Chapter 8 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 35 Gold.png

1. Raise Censer Dragon to level 5. (Skip: 50Gold)
2. Breed Nightstream Dragon with a Prettygeist Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold)
3. Win 1 Fight with your Censer Dragon. (Skip: 25Gold)
4. Raise Prettygeist Dragon to level 6. (Skip: 12Gold) (Prize:460 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
5. Win 2 Fights in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 50Gold)
Prize: 4 Wicked BroomsWicked Broom.png

Chapter 9 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 45 Gold.png

1. Win 2 Fights with your Censer Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold)
2. Raise Censer Dragon to level 8. (Skip: 30Gold)
3. Complete the Spooky Sights Quest. (Skip: 24Gold)
4. Craft a Superb Story. (Skip: 40Gold) (Prize:780 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png)
5. Raise Nightstream Dragon to level 14. (Skip: 180Gold)
Prize: 60 Raw MarblesRaw Marble.png

Chapter 10 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 50 Gold.png

1. Recieve 5 Friendly Letters from Neighbors. (Skip: 35Gold)
2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12Gold)
3. Raise Censer Dragon to level 12. (Skip: 225Gold)
4. Craft and decorate with a Lantern Trap. (Skip: 75Gold)
5. Win 4 Fights in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 100Gold)
Prize: 1,300 Wicked AwardsWicked Award.png

Grand Prize: 1 Rainghost Dragon

Dragon Tales: Spirit Search

  • Many dragons are content to spend their nights at home, reading a good book to chatting with friends. However, some dragons seek the thrills that only night can bring - some dragons go on a Spirit Search.
  • Legends tell of a landmark of spiritual significance far to the north of the Island. This landmark is shrouded in mystery as it doesn't truly seem to exist in any record of any reputable nature. But when the Prettygeist Dragons began to appear under the full moon, many knew the legends must be true.
  • The pink spiritual energy was continually flowing north, so it was a clear sign that there was something afoot on the Island. One Censer Dragon grabbed her lantern and went out into the night to seek the treasures of old.
  • She traveled over the river and through the woods to this mysterious landmark with nought but the notion of north and the magical skies to guide her. Luckily she had her magic lantern to light her way because the night was dark and full of spooky sights.
  • As the hour approached midnight, strange new dragons began to appear around her. Streaking through the skies with an amber glow reminiscent of jack o'lanterns, the stars were completely blocked out by their magical light. She rose her censer above her head to get a better look, but it was yanked right from her hand!
  • Suddenly she felt her lantern pulled from her hand and it was in the sky with the Nightstream Dragons! The scamps had thought it would be funny to take her light source and make her rely on theirs. They began to fly further north.
  • WIth no method of seeing the ground, the Censer Dragon, now without her censer, had no choice to but to take flight. There was enough light from the Nightstream Dragons to guide her flight and traveling on the ground in this darkness was a bad idea.
  • As she was flying northward she noticed something: along the orange streaks of the fast flying Nightstream Dragons, she saw more Prettygeist Dragons flying in the same direction! Maybe this was no mere coincidence?
  • The pink and orange dragons began to coalesce over a short hill about an hour past midnight. They had dropped the lantern so the Censer Dragon landed to pick it up. She had been slightly blinded by going so close to it, and there were no other dragons when her sight came to! Before her eyes was the flickering form of a tower made of purple ghostly energy...
  • The Censer Dragon approached the tower, alone and slightly afraid. She had her trusty lantern so nothing could hurt her as she entered the spectral door. Inside, she met a dragon she had never seen before - a Rainghost Dragon! She had been summoned by the hallowed spirits of a fall and was ready to enjoy the amenities of the Island. Luckily, she had the glowing light of the Censer Dragon to guide her way in her new world!
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