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Dragons in Dragon Story are classified by their types. These types determine the kinds of Habitats that a dragon can live in, affect the kinds of offspring that a pair of dragons can produce together in the Breeding Den, and act as key factors during matches in the Battle Arena.

Type behaviors[]

Types can be classified with different breeding behaviors. For this wiki's purposes, we will refer to the behaviors as Basic, Mixed, Minor, Arctic, and Special.

Below is a list of types and their corresponding behaviors.

Name Image Behavior
Red Red Dragons Basic
Green Green Dragons Basic
Yellow Yellow Dragons Basic
Blue Blue Dragons Basic
White White Dragons Basic
Olympus Olympus Dragons Basic
Purple Purple Dragons Mixed
Pink Pink Dragons Minor
Black Black Dragons Minor
Mythic Mythic Dragons Minor
Cosmic Cosmic Dragons Minor
Fairytale Fairytale Dragons Minor
Stone Stone Dragons Minor
Dino Dino Dragons Minor
Rainbow Rainbow Dragons Minor
Gemstone Gemstone Dragons Minor
Zodiac Zodiac Dragons Minor
Tropic Tropic Dragons Minor
Royal Royal Dragons Minor
Champion Champion Dragons Minor
Metal Metal Dragons Minor
Egypt Egypt Dragons Minor
Soccer Soccer Dragons Minor
Dark Dark Dragons Minor
Elemental Elemental Dragons Minor
Tarot Tarot Dragons Minor
Arcane Arcane Dragons Minor
Spooky Spooky Dragons Minor
Fey Fey Dragons Minor
Holiday Holiday Dragons Minor
World World Dragons Minor
Flower Flower Dragons Minor
Beast Beast Dragons Minor
Shine Shine Dragons Minor
Ice Age Ice Age Dragons Arctic
Abominable Abominable Dragons Arctic
Blizzard Blizzard Dragons Arctic
Valentine Valentine Dragons Special
Diamond Diamond Dragons Special
Gold Gold Dragons Special
Bomb Bomb Dragons Special
Dynamite Dynamite Dragons Special
Food Firapples Special
Map Map Dragons Special
Raw Marble Raw Marble Dragons Special
Marble Key Marble Key Dragons Special

Basic types[]

These types do not have any special properties and act as expected during dragon breeding. Each basic type has a pure standard dragon in the Market that is available for coins instead of gold.

There are several non-standard pure dragons with basic types that must be acquired under other conditions. Crafting, goal completion, prizes, or special breeding requirements may apply.

The following chart lists pure basic type dragons that can be bought directly from the Market with coins.

Type Image Standard Dragon Req. Lvl.
Red Red Dragons Fire Dragon 1
Green Green Dragons Forest Dragon 1
Yellow Yellow Dragons Air Dragon 2
Blue Blue Dragons Water Dragon 7
White White Dragons Light Dragon 17
Olympus Olympus Dragons Olympus Dragon 25

Mixed types[]

Mixed types, like basic types, do not alter the breeding outcome in any way. The only thing that differentiates mixed types from basic types is the fact that pure standard dragons of mixed types can be created by combining other types.

There are several non-standard pure dragons with mixed types that must be acquired under other conditions. Crafting, goal completion, prizes, or special breeding requirements may apply.

Currently, the only mixed type is Purple, and its standard dragon is the Magic Dragon. To create a standard dragon of the Purple type, one parent must contribute Red while the other parent must contribute Blue during breeding. The types must come directly from the parents' types without any minor type splitting.

Minor types[]

A minor type is a type that can split during breeding into its component types. When a minor type splits, it adds its component types to the pool. If it does not split, the pool is unaltered.

Minor types may only split if they are not alone in the pool. This means that, during breeding, the parents have to contribute a total of at least two types in order for a minor type to split, altering the pool. If a minor type is alone in the pool, it does not alter the pool, but in exchange, it can introduce pure dragons of its component types as offspring.

Breeding a Chocolate Dragon with a Tiny Dragon will contribute a total of two types: Pink and White. In this case, the Pink type may split into its component types, which are Red and White. Since this type splitting alters the pool, additional hybrid dragons will be possible with the addition of Red and White to the pool.

Breeding a Night Dragon with a Night Elf Dragon will only contribute a total of one type: Black. In this case, the Black type will not split. Pure dragons of its component types (Blue and Purple) are added to the possible offspring results, but since the pool is not altered, no hybrid dragons will be possible.

This chart lists all of the minor types along with their component types. Note that, to breed a standard dragon of a minor type, the required component types must come directly from the parents' types without splitting, which means that you cannot get a Virtue Dragon by breeding a Mythic Dragon with a Light Dragon, even though the Mythic type possesses Red as a component type.  

Type Image Standard Dragon Components
Pink Pink Dragons Virtue Dragon Red Dragons White Dragons
Black Black Dragons Night Dragon Blue Dragons Purple Dragons
Mythic Mythic Dragons Mythic Dragon Red Dragons Yellow Dragons
Cosmic Cosmic Dragons Cosmic Dragon Yellow Dragons Purple Dragons
Stone Stone Dragons Stone Dragon Green Dragons White Dragons
Fairytale Fairytale Dragons Fairytale Dragon Green Dragons Yellow Dragons
Dino Dino Dragons Dino Dragon Red Dragons Green Dragons
Rainbow Rainbow Dragons Rainbow Dragon Yellow Dragons Blue Dragons
Gemstone Gemstone Dragons Gemstone Dragon Green Dragons Blue Dragons
Zodiac Zodiac Dragons Leo Dragon Yellow Dragons Black Dragons
Tropic Tropic Dragons Tropic Dragon Red Dragons Blue Dragons
Royal Royal Dragons Royal Dragon Yellow Dragons Purple Dragons
Champion Champion Dragons Ninja Dragon Red Dragons Black Dragons
Metal Metal Dragons Metal Dragon Blue Dragons White Dragons
Egypt Egypt Dragons Pyramid Dragon


Yellow Dragons White Dragons
Soccer Soccer Dragons Soccer Dragon Blue Dragons Green Dragons
Dark Dark Dragons Dark Dragon Black Dragons Red Dragons
Elemental Elemental Dragons N/A Blue Dragons Green Dragons Yellow Dragons Red Dragons
Tarot Tarot Dragons N/A Purple Dragons Yellow Dragons Blue Dragons
Arcane Arcane Dragons N/A White Dragons Purple Dragons Blue Dragons
Spooky Spooky Dragons N/A Black Dragons Purple Dragons Yellow Dragons
Fey Fey Dragons N/A Pink Dragons Purple Dragons Blue Dragons
Holiday Holiday Dragons N/A White Dragons Green Dragons Red Dragons
World World Dragons N/A Blue Dragons Yellow Dragons Green Dragons
Flower Flower Dragons N/A Green Dragons Yellow Dragons Red Dragons
Beast Beast Dragons N/A Yellow Dragons Red Dragons
Shine Shine Dragons N/A Yellow Dragons Red Dragons White Dragons

*The Pyramid dragon had its type changed from pure Egypt to Egypt/Yellow on May 5th, 2017. It is currently the only standard dragon to be a hybrid.

Arctic types[]

Arctic types are native to the Arctic Isles and behave differently from dragons that inhabit the Dragon Islands. While it is possible to breed inhabitants of the Arctic Isles with inhabitants of the Dragon Islands, Arctic behaviors dominate regular-known behaviors.

These are the characteristics of Arctic dragons:

  • Some Arctic dragons can be bred using a combination of specific Arctic Isles dragons or Dragon Islands dragons.
  • Some Arctic dragons can be bred with the presence of certain Arctic types.
  • When a pair of dragons is bred on the Arctic Isles, unless the combination can specifically result in a particular Arctic Isles dragon, an Ice Age Dragon will be the result.

Below is a list of the current Arctic types, their standard dragons, and the requirements to breed those standard dragons.

Type Image Standard Dragon Requirements
Ice Age Ice Age Dragons Ice Age Dragon Winter Dragon + Purple type parent
Abominable Abominable Dragons Abominable Dragon Ice Age Dragon + Fuzzy Dragon
Blizzard Blizzard Dragons Blizzard Dragon Ice Age type parent + Abominable type parent

Special types[]

Special types do not follow any pre-defined patterns and are taken on a case-by-case basis.


The Valentine type has absolutely no impact in breeding whatsoever. Like a recessive gene, it is mainly ignored, and contributes neither to the pool nor to a Valentine type dragon's breeding requirements.

The Valentine type's standard dragon, the Passion Dragon, cannot be used as a parent during breeding. In addition, it can only be bred by pairing a LeftHeart Dragon with a RightHeart Dragon.

Hybrid dragons with the Valentine type require the presence of all of their types in the pool except the Valentine type.

Valentine dragons can only be bred during the North American Valentine's Day season around February 14. 


The Gold type cannot be used in or appear as a result of breeding.

The Gold type dragons produce gold instead of coins as income. Gold type dragons cannot be bred and must be purchased in the market with gold. Players may only own one of each Gold Type dragon per account.

Food, Map, Bomb, Dynamite, and Raw Marble[]

These types cannot be used in or appear as a result of breeding.

The Food, Map, BombDynamite, and Raw Marble type dragons produce food, mystic maps, bombs, dynamite, and raw marble, respectively, instead of coins. They cannot be bred and must be purchased in the market with gold. Players may only own one of each Food and Raw Marble type dragons, however there is no limit for Map, Bomb, and Dynamite types.


The Diamond type interacts in special ways with the type pool. For more information about this type, check the Parents Behavior section of the Diamond Dragon page.

The Diamond type's standard dragon, the Diamond Dragon, can be bred if the type pool contains any four distinct types. For this purpose, minor types are counted only once by the original type, not by its split components.

Completely contrary to its standard counterpart, the Infinity Dragon follows a completely unique set of Availability rules. Visit its page for more information about this special dragon.


  • Dragon Types are sometimes referenced in-game as "colors", but this does not appropriately classify minor types like Mythic and Zodiac, which are not colors by themselves.
  • Dragons of the Valentine type are referenced as the Heart Trio in the description of the Passion Pit.
  • Some types are entirely limited. It is possible to be unable to breed any dragons of a particular type if the type is currently not available. This is currently true for the Valentine, Elemental and Tarot types.
  • The Spooky, Champion, Fey, Dark and Zodiac types have another minor type as one of their components, although pure dragons of only Dark and Zodiac can currently be obtained by breeding.
  • Two separate types are built from combining Red and Blue: Purple and Tropic. 
  • Two separate types are built from combining Purple and Yellow: Cosmic and Royal.
  • Originally the Elemental type was unable to be used as a parent, but as of April 24th, 2017 it became the first type to have its properties directly changed after release.
    • Similarly, the Dark, Tarot and Arcane types were also unable to be used as a parent. The date they became able to is currently unknown.
  • Several Dark type dragons were fought against in tournaments that weren't obtainable through normal game play. These included "corrupt" versions of regular dragons.
  • Of all the currently available types, three are exclusive to iOS devices at this time: Ice Age, Abominable and Blizzard.
  • The description of Glacius the Ancient mentions a Giant Mountain type, but it is not categorized here due to its lack of impact in resource production or breeding.