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The Dragons of Olympus World Event was the fifth limited time World Event released in Dragon Story.
Poseidon EpicAphrodite EpicOlympus EpicAres Epic

Players could collect Laurel Wreaths Laurel Wreath to earn the following dragons, habitat and decor.
Laurel Wreaths were obtainable by the following:

Individual Prizes

Name Wreath Amount Purchase Price Reward
Sword of Ares 25Laurel Wreath 50Gold Sword of Ares
Shrine of Olympus 450Laurel Wreath 300Gold Shrine of Olympus
Statue of Zeus 900Laurel Wreath 450Gold Statue of Zeus
Poseidon Dragon 1,700Laurel Wreath 900Gold Poseidon Baby
Aphrodite Dragon 2,600Laurel Wreath 900Gold Aphrodite Baby

Community Prizes

Name Wreath Amount Reward
Olympus Dragon 50,000,000Laurel Wreath Olympus Baby
Temple Ruins 140,000,000Laurel Wreath Temple Ruins
Ares Dragon 250,000,000Laurel Wreath Ares Baby


  • The Dragons of Olympus World Event was available at level 25.
  • The Dragons of Olympus World Event began on July 22, 2014 and ended on August 5, 2014.