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Evolution Temple

"At certain points in dragon's lives, food isn't enough to make them grow. You need an Evolution Temple to evolve your dragons to the highest levels."

Level Available: 3

Cost to Build: 500 Coins

Sells for: 80 Coins

Build Time: 1 minute

Exp Gained: 5 Exp20px

2nd Evolution Temple[]

Level Available: 12

Cost to Build: 1,000 Gold

Build Time: 1 minute

Exp Gained: 2,000 Exp20px

The evolution temple is used to evolve higher leveled dragons into more powerful forms.

At Level 3, when a dragon is fed enough, an "Evolve" button will appear. When it is pressed, the dragon will be put into the Evolution Temple for a varying amount of time. When it comes out, it will be Level 4 (its juvenile form). The same scenario occurs at Level 6 when dragons evolve into their Level 7 (adult form), and at Level 9 when dragons evolve into their Level 10 (epic form).

For most dragons, each round in the evolution temple will have the duration of their incubation times. Known exceptions to this rule are the Fire Dragon (10 second incubation vs. 20 second evolution), Air Dragon (2 hour incubation vs. 3 hour evolution) and Mercury Dragon (1 hour incubation vs. 3 hour evolution).

For most dragons, the color of the crystal in the evolution temple is the same as the dragon's first color (e.g. green for the Life Dragon, red for the Firestorm Dragon). The only known exception to this rule is the Genie Dragon (yellow first color vs. purple evolution crystal).

Some dragon types have the same color crystal. These types fall under the Special tab and are as follows: Cosmic, Mythic, Gold, Fairytale, Stone, Dino, Rainbow, Gemstone, Zodiac, Tropic, Royal, Champion, Metal and Egypt.


  • For players with older game versions, it may not be necessary to evolve a dragon from its baby to juvenile form. Instead, feeding a dragon from level 3 to level 4 will cause the change to happen instantly.
  • There is a grammatical error in the Evolution Temple's description. The description says "dragon's" (possessive apostrophe, belonging to one dragon e.g.: a dragon's life) when it should say "dragons'" (plural dragons plural lives).