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"Before Caretakers invented the Fire Crucible, they 'stored' their Mystic Flames by setting nearby trees on fire. This wasn't very sustainable."

Current Upgrade Pattern

Upgrade # Capacity Cost
1 20 None
2 50 300,000 Coin20px
3 200 100 Gold20px


  • The Fire Crucible is a structure in the Arctic Isles that holds Mystic Flames, that can be used to thaw out frozen Dragon Eggs.
  • The Fire Crucible has a maximum capacity and can be upgraded to store more flames (the cost and capacity amounts vary at the moment depending on the user).
    • The Fire Crucible originally followed two different kinds of upgrade costs. One started with 20 capacity and cost 300,000 Coin20px and 500 Gold20px to upgrade while granting 50 and 200 capacity, respectively. The other started with 10 capacity and cost 300,000 Coin20px and 100 Gold20px to upgrade to 25 and 100 capacity, respectively.
    • This was stabilized for everyone in the evening of 12-17-13 to the current upgrade costs.
  • You begin with a Fire Crucible when you first travel to the Arctic Isles.
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