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The First Flurry World Event was the thirty-ninth limited time World Event released in Dragon Story.

Flurry EpicWhiteout Epic

Players could collect Snowflakes Snowflake to earn the following dragons and decor.
Snowflakes were obtainable by the following:

  • Earn up to 500 points by raising a Wishlist Dragon to level 10.
  • 3x points for winning Battles.
  • Breeding with your Dragons (2x Bonus).
  • Hatching dragons from the Nest.
  • Harvesting food at Farms.
  • Evolving dragons.
  • Additional Life Lights were obtainable by placing the first individual prize on your island or buying a Snow Craft or Snow Factory from the market.

Individual Prizes

Name Snowflake Amounts Purchase Price Reward
Snow Craft 100Snowflake 100Gold20px Snow Craft
Snowy Field 750Snowflake 650Gold20px Snowy Field
Snow Flurry 1,800Snowflake 1,050Gold20px Snow Flurry
Flurry Dragon 3,100Snowflake 1,300Gold20px Flurry Baby
Whiteout Dragon 4,600Snowflake 1,500Gold20px Whiteout Baby

Community Prizes

Name Snowflake Amounts Reward
Snow Sculpture 12,800,000Snowflake Snow Sculpture
Food 40,000,000Snowflake 15,000Food30px
Adventure Tickets 80,000,000Snowflake 15AdventureTicket

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