Forever Glades

"Enjoy the good life with this peaceful paradise that houses both Blue and Green dragons!"

Type: Habitat
Level: 7
Dragon Capacity 3
Coin Capacity 7,200Coin20px
Cost: 200Gold20px
Sells for: 5,200Coin20px
Build Time none
Exp Gained: 600Exp20px


  • The Forever Glades is a habitat that Blue Dragons and Green Dragons can live in.
  • When first released the Forever Glades was listed in the market as 500Gold20px, on sale for 250Gold20px. Once the "sale" was over the market price was changed to 200Gold20px.
    • The price of the Forever Glades was change back to 500Gold20px a few hours later.
    • The price of the Forever Glades was changed to 200Gold20px on November 4, 2014.
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