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"Your Ice Age Dragons are always happy to give you gifts, but where to put them all? Build a Frozen Silo to hang onto your cold crafting parts!"

Current Upgrade Pattern

Upgrade # Capacity Cost
1 100 None
2 500 250,000 Coin20px
3 4,000 100 Gold20px


  • The Frozen Silo is a building in the Arctic Isles that holds the special resources obtained as income from Arctic Dragons.
  • The Frozen Silo has a maximum capacity and can be upgraded to store more materials, at varying prices in Coins or Gold.
    • The Frozen Silo originally followed two different kinds of upgrade costs. One started with 100 capacity and cost 250,000 Coin20px and 500 Gold20px to upgrade while granting 500 and 4,000 capacity, respectively. The other started with 50 capacity and cost 250,000 Coin20px and 100 Gold20px to upgrade to 250 and 2,000 capacity, respectively.
    • This was stabilized for everyone in the evening of 12-17-13 to the current upgrade costs.
  • You receive the Frozen Silo when you first travel to the Arctic Isles.
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