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Fuzzy Dragon Information[]

Baby Form Juvenile Form
Fuzzy Baby Fuzzy Juvenile
Ancient texts speak of Caretakers who draped their dragons in old robes during winter to keep the creatures warm. One such berobed Fuzzy Dragon became lost in the darkness one night and wandered the village for days looking for its home. The lost and weathered Fuzzy Dragon, with its human robes and great bush of a beard was mistaken for a senile old scribe, hunched over and speechless with age. Villagers fed the dragon and let it rest in their homes.
Adult Form Epic Form
Fuzzy Adult Fuzzy Epic
As the Fuzzy Dragon regained its health the villagers questioned the creature, presenting their problems with the hope of receiving wizened advice from what they still believed was an old man. The dragon said nothing but the villagers continued the one-sided conversation. Even though the villagers spoke to a silent, costumed dragon, their belief in the robed being's wisdom caused the conversations to be most productive. When the dragon finally threw off its robes and flew away the Fuzzy Dragon was labeled a genius, even though it is actually quite stupid.

Dragon Information
Rarity: Common
Type: White Dragons Green Dragons
Habitat: White Meadow, Green Grove
Available at: Level 17
Buying Price: 380 Gold
Selling Price: 100 Coins
Breeding & Incubation: 8 hours
Exp Gained: 870 Exp20px

Coin Rates Coins[]

Earning Rates
Iconfuzzy1 Lv. 1 240 Iconfuzzy4 Lv. 10 1,080
Lv. 2 285 Lv. 11 ?
Lv. 3 326 Lv. 12 ?
Iconfuzzy2 Lv. 4 460 Lv. 13 ?
Lv. 5 525 Lv. 14 ?
Lv. 6 580 Lv. 15 ?
Iconfuzzy3 Lv. 7 753 LEVEL CAP
Lv. 8 825
Lv. 9 885

Food Costs[]

Total Food Required for Next Level
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5 Lv. 6 Lv. 7 Lv. 8
75 150 375 900 2,250 3,750 9,000 21,000
Lv. 9 Lv. 10 Lv. 11 Lv. 12 Lv. 13 Lv. 14 Lv. 15
37,500 45,000 63,000 82,000 107,000 149,000 MAX LEVEL


The Fuzzy Dragon is obtainable:

  • By purchase at the market for 380 Gold.
  • By breeding two dragons that collectively contribute Green and White to the type pool. If a parent has the appropriate minor types, missing requirements may also be added to the pool, even if neither parent has the originally required types. Minor types that have been split from other minor types can also contribute their component types to the type pool.
  • DISCLAIMER: When attempting to breed the Fuzzy Dragon, you may get other offspring instead. Check the Breeding Calculator to view all of the possible results of combining a particular pair of parents.


  • The Fuzzy Dragon's design is based upon the Island Dragon's and its Epic form animations are based on the Fruitful Dragon but there are differences between them.
  • The Fuzzy Dragon's desription does not describe the dragon but tells a story instead.