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Headless Dragon Information[]

Forms Information

Baby - Juvenile - Adult - Epic - Egg

Headless Baby

Nobody knows the true origin of the Headless Dragon, but legend has it that one long-ago Halloween, a Caretaker found several strange dragon eggs in his pumpkin patch. The dragons that hatched from the eggs had jack o'lanterns in place of their heads, and ever since, Headless Dragons have been a familiar Halloween-time presence on the Dragon Isles.
Rarity: Super Rare
Type: Purple Dragons Yellow Dragons
Habitat: Purple Gardens, Yellow Plateau
Available at: Level 13
Buying Price: 600 Gold
Selling Price: 100 Coins
Breeding & Incubation: 20 hours
Exp Gained: 600 Exp20px

Coin Rates Coins[]

Earning Rates
Iconheadless1 Lv. 1 435 Iconheadless4 Lv. 10 3,480
Lv. 2 696 Lv. 11 ?
Lv. 3 913 Lv. 12 ?
Iconheadless2 Lv. 4 1,305 Lv. 13 ?
Lv. 5 1,696 Lv. 14 ?
Lv. 6 2,088 Lv. 15 ?
Iconheadless3 Lv. 7 2,479 LEVEL CAP
Lv. 8 2,805
Lv. 9 3,131

Food Costs[]

Total Food Required for Next Level
Lv. 1 Lv. 2 Lv. 3 Lv. 4 Lv. 5 Lv. 6 Lv. 7 Lv. 8
125 250 625 1,500 3,750 6,250 15,000 35,000
Lv. 9 Lv. 10 Lv. 11 Lv. 12 Lv. 13 Lv. 14 Lv. 15
62,500 75,000 105,000 136,500 177,450 267,500 MAX LEVEL


The Headless Dragon is obtainable:

  • For a limited time during the Halloween season.
  • After completing special goals and summoning the dragon.(iOS Only)
  • By purchase at the market for 600 Gold.
  • By breeding two dragons that collectively contribute Purple and Yellow to the type pool. If a parent has the appropriate minor types, missing requirements may also be added to the pool, even if neither parent has the originally required types. Minor types that have been split from other minor types can also contribute their component types to the type pool.
  • DISCLAIMER: When attempting to breed the Headless Dragon, you may get other offspring instead. Check the Breeding Calculator to view all of the possible results of combining a particular pair of parents.


  • The Headless Dragon's design is based upon the Firestorm Dragon's, although there are differences between the two.
  • The name and main characteristics of the Headless Dragon are derived from the ones of the legendary Headless Horseman, present in European folklore.