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The Healing Spring is a building available from the Market.

Healing Spring Heals dragons that have been exhausted in battle.

Cost: 600 Coins

Sells for: 90 Coins

Experience: 6 Exp20px

Available at: Level 15


  • The Healing Spring is only available to players with the Battle Arena.
  • The Healing Spring can heal dragons exhausted from the Battle Arena.
    • While exhausted, dragons cannot participate in breeding, trading, evolving, questing, or battling.
  • When released the Healing Spring took 6 hours to heal a dragon. This was changed on October 3, 2013 to only 2 hours.
  • When released the Healing Spring was available for players level 30 and up only. This was changed on May 10, 2016 to level 15 and up.