***Currently Only Available by Crafting in the Spell Shop***

The Kissing Dragons was a decoration available from the Skylord Leaders Leaderboard Event and the Darling Dragons World Event.

Kissing Dragons Sculpted in the 13th century by an inventive Dragon Caretaker. This statue depicts the courting ritual of two dragons in a very amorous state.

Cost: 80 Gold20px

Sells for: 2,100 Coin20px

Experience: 800 Exp20px

Available at: Level 3


  • The Kissing Dragons was acquired after earning 1,700 leaderboard points during the Skylord Leaders Leaderboard Event.
  • Players received Kissing Dragons if they qualified for the Community Prizes and the community collected 30,000,000 Love ArrowsLove Arrowduring the Darling Dragons World Event.
  • On March 16, 2018 the Kissing Dragons became available by crafting in the Spell Shop for 150 Essence Essence.
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