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The Luck o' the Dragon World Event was the nineteenth limited time World Event released in Dragon Story.
St. Patrick's EpicPot of Gold EpicShamrock Epic

Players could collect Lucky Clovers Lucky Clover to earn the following dragons and decor.
Lucky Clovers were obtainable by the following:

Individual Prizes

Name Clover Amounts Purchase Price Reward
Pot o' Luck 25Lucky Clover 50Gold Pot o' Luck
Irish Flag 300Lucky Clover 300Gold Irish Flag
Clover Patch 700Lucky Clover 400Gold Clover Patch
St. Patrick's Dragon 1,350Lucky Clover 800Gold St. Patrick's Baby
Pot of Gold Dragon 1,850Lucky Clover 900Gold Pot of Gold Baby

Community Prizes

Name Clover Amounts Reward
Rainbow Path 40,000,000Lucky Clover Rainbow Path
Claddagh Circle 120,000,000Lucky Clover Claddagh Circle
Shamrock Dragon 200,000,000Lucky Clover Shamrock Baby


  • The Luck o' the Dragon World Event was available at level 17.
  • The Luck o' the Dragon World Event began on March 18, 2016 and ended on March 29, 2016.