The Market is a very important part in the daily playing of Dragon Story. It is where you find out what's newly Featured and purchase everything you need like Dragons, Habitats, Buildings, Decor, and Expansions.


  • The Featured button is a section of the Market that informs players of all the new things in the game such as Dragons and Decor.


Menu dragons
  • The Dragons button is a section of the Market where you can buy all the available Dragons in the Game using either Coins Coin20px for the basic color dragons (Green, Red, Yellow, Blue or White) or Gold Gold20px to buy hybrids or unbreedable dragons.


Menu habitats
  • The Habitats button is a section of the Market where you can buy all habitats (regular and upgraded) with Coins Coin20px, provided that your level is high enough to purchase them. Habitats are classified by color, and dragons with a color that matches the habitat can be placed within it. You may place extra habitats as you gain levels within the game, up to a maximum of 140. For a list of the levels where new habitats become available, please check the Level Rewards page


Menu buildings
  • The Buildings button is a section of the Market where you can purchase Buildings such as Nests, Farms, the Evolution Temple, and the Breeding Den. Buildings are special items that perform all functions in Dragon Story, save for housing them, feeding them, and playing with them. There are level requirements for attaining these.


Menu decorations
  • The Decor button is a section of the Market where you can buy all of your Decor. These purely aesthetic items are placed in your dragon park and serve no functional purpose.


Menu expand
  • The Expand button is the section of the Market where players have the ability to add more land to their park. When your park expands, the newly annexed land is filled with Obstacles that have to be cleared before the land is useable. Each expansion costs more coins than the last. After two expansions, a Mystic Map is also a requirement for expanding.
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