aka Tansu Bu

  • I live in LaLaLand
  • I was born on September 30
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  • add me pls

    my stormid : pui_1989

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    • Added you ! :)

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    • Hi people i play dragon story on my kindle and i am able to enjoy all the benefits of the extras that people on ios & Google enjoy.

      My id is jonny1976

      What you need to do is download aptiode app store

      Then download the latest version of dragon story from there. (The latest version has '3g' after the version number) 

      Make sure you delete your old dragon story app 1st (dont worry you wont lose any progress)

      You may have to alter a setting on your kindle (allow external sources downloads)

      This just lets you download apps from places other than amazon store.

      You get to use the battle arena, spell shop, the mine, storage, trading portal e.c.t

      Have fun people :-)

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    • A FANDOM user
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