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  • Hi, welcome to Dragon Story Wiki! Thanks for your contribution to the Level 17 Neo Glasswing page.

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    • Hey, quick question. do you know the coin cap for this game? I'm only curious because i just hit 99 mil and I'm wondering if when i hit the cap if I'll be unable to collect from my habits until i spend coins for something unnecessary. 

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    • Hey! There is a known bug in the game if you have too many coins. You should be ok if you keep your coins less than the number below. Buying and selling the Treasure Terrace is one way to reduce coins quickly. However if you do go over you can contact Storm8 at and they can reduce your coins for you.

      Per Elsa @Storm8 on 10-3-2018:
      $2,147,483,647 is the maximum integer in 32-bit. Any value higher than this can cause issues or present itself as an error. In the case of the game, it will appear as a negative number. Spending Coins to be lower than this number will resolve it.

      The game does support higher values than this, but if the device hardware/software is also 32-bit, then this can still occur.

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    • Interesting. Well I'm far away from there so. I'll be ok for now.  Lol thanks. 

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