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  • Helloo my friend!

    So this DT is absolutely trash😂

    Couldnt breed Whiplash for anything! Gave uo after boosted breeding was announced. Dont even like the grand prize, was onky doing it for tickets but I'm not going to stress over this. Deep breath and moved on.

    Is it just me, or when you visit community members do you also get alot of neighbors? 😂 I feel very "cheap" having so mant neighbors! Lmfao.

    How you been keeping? Im in the middle of Prelim exams. Yay me.

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    • Hi! Good luck with your exams, I hope they are going well :)

      It took me ten attempts to breed whiplash, I managed to have it ready to hatch exactly the moment I needed it, instead of my usual having the egg sat on the nest for 6 days lol. I got at least 2 20hrs, 2 18 hrs (both holographic, one after the other lol, which I didn't have before!). I was really worried I wouldn't get it! I forgot about the boosted breeding this morning :'( I just put it on for the normal breed! Definitely don't stress over it though, exams are enough stress for anyone :)

      Yes, I do notice that. I've been playing the bingo again recently, and it keeps making me visit people, and then I get neighbour requests. I really wish there was a way to remove inactive neighbours quickly, I have around 300 neighbours which takes ages to send all the map requests to, but I only get about 60-70 maps back, which is frustrating, but I do not have the patience to go through and delete even a tenth of the inactive ones! It takes so long to visit people for the game to load as it is, I just can't be bothered to go on lots of visits to try and work out whether they are active or not!

      I'm good, doing lots of coursework atm to retrain and find new work. Luckily no exams so far :)

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    • Oh awesome!

      Tell me about it, neighbours suck! 🤣 Yeah, time to out DS behind me and focus on my school work.


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So, I've been M.I.A lately...

    I got a "part time" job. And I put part time in quotation marks because it's from 7am to 6pm every day, even weekends!! But it's just for the holidays. And if I take my phone out the boss will kill me so my poor dragons 😓😭😭

    Anyway one night I got into bed and was busy collecting coins when my game lagged and poof!! My green habitat was upgraded... 500g gone. I was like HELL NO! and sent them an email.

    The next morning I woke up and my 500g was back and my habitat remains upgraded 😐🙂 The freak? They cant undo an upgraded habitat? Been a week now.They havent emailed me back at all. So... yay me?

    Miss our chats. 3 days left of work. Ive even missed GoT because my Dad doesnt have wifi and his DVR doesnt work!!

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    • I know right! Want good dragons, neglect the game! 😂😂

      So happy for you about Treasure! Thats my next goal. Whoop whoop.

      I found with Bingo is that going from Silver to Golf you get 15 tickets, whilst being in Gold is so much more competitive and it's hard to stay in it, 2nd prize is only around 10/15 tickets.

      So my strategy is going from Silver to Golf, then drop next Bingo, Then go back to gold. I mean 15 tickets is about 300g+. I only need 3600g on 20 tickets to buy him. So it's much cheaper that way and much less effort.

      But that's the amazing part of GoT!! Your caught off-guard, you never know what's going to happen next. Plus the hot guys really just add to it! Plus Danaerys is just... amazing. I really wish DS would incorperate GoT more than just adding the names of characters to the list.

      My mom used to play another dragon game and they released a dragon called "The Mother of Dragons", modeled after her. I fell inlove.

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    • I am far too emotional in general to be able to watch something like that. I'll put it on my list for when I no longer cry over every little thing!

      It always seems odd that you get better offers the less you play a game. I mean, sure I get they want to entice you back, but when you realise that's how it works, it actually just entices you to play less!

      I'm doing ok in silver this time, last time I made it up this high it was a really tough group and I had no hope, and just gave up again lol. I only started this time to get more boosts, but now my competitive streak has kicked in lol.

      Treasure has nearly finished the first evolution, woo! 2 more days and 5 more gold a day will be mine, mwah ha ha ha!! :D

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  • Hey

    Well you mentioned my luck about crusader and queztal and mercury being a headache and mercury used to be easier to get but.... I would use athletic and diamond which used to only get rares, mercury or crusader. I used to evolve and trade the duplicates for gems. But then Team Lava added in the awoken dragon- a common fire and water hyrbrid much to my annoyance. Therfore my strategy is now useless.... I hope they remove the awoken dragon or at least make it rare. Either way.... any stratagies that used to work for you but don't anymore?

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    • Sorry, can't believe I haven't answered this! Odd thing about Awoken, he trades like a rare, not a common! And at least he's shorter than Lunar Ram, but sadly doesn't give the LB points. I saw someone mention on the s8 forum about a lb strategy of breeding r&b because it only had rare outcomes, giving a points boost in lb's; then they brought out the Awoken. But they have brought out several new commons recently.

      I don't really use many strategies for things, not that are unknown anyway. I don't do much clever thinking lol!

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  • Hi :)

    I would love to be your neighbor if you dont mind 😋😅

    If you dont, whats your ID or Island name? (Mine's sheldz8)


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    • I just cleared the cache stayed of dragon story and updated it and now it seems to be working.... Although it only updated to valentines version for some reason? Idk why but I think it might be because my iphone is jailbroken and locked at a certain IOS so it may only be a matter of time before Dragon story is completely incompatible with my iphone. But whatever I did seemed to work. Hah! Take that flies (Episode 3 Hunting of the Vengeful Flies) :) I knew the flies did this for revenge. Thanks for your help.

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    • You're welcome, glad you've got it working again :) Yes at some point you'll probably have to change something to keep it working, but hopefully that's a long time away!

      Lol Sheldzz just read your mascara comment, that would be some scary mascara!!

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  • Hi there.  :)

    Saw your Post on Wikia's World Events Page about recently starting BINGO.  I wanted to be sure you are savvy to using FIRE dragons as a variant to the Disposable Fire Strategy for Battling.  Forgive me if I am preaching to the choir.  I am always interested in hearing any Data, News, & Strategies others may have to share.

    BATTLING 1:  Use ((BATTLE CALCULATOR)) or Dragon Story Database.  Dragons will have no more than 90% chance @ Critical Hit so there is that 10% where random code generated bad luck resides & Disposable Fire Strategy (DFS) & DFS Variant works.  If your best chance dragon is defeated & don't have viable 2nd w/ more than 10% chance, use DFS until 1st dragon is healed then send his butt back into Battle.  L15 ((A DIPPS &8)) & METAL best statistically vs single type champions.

    ((A DIPPS &8)):  @L15 statistically "best" dragons to fight single type champions:  {{((A DIPPS)) =  [ACHILLES, DIAMOND, INFINITY, PASSION, PYRAMID, & SOCCER]}}  {{((&8)):  unbreedable dragons that can be purchased on occasions & produce items other than Coins: [BLAST, CARTOGRAPHER, COMPASS ROSE, DEMOLITION, DOZER, FRUITION, GREEN THUMB, & KABOOM]}}.  8 "CORRUPT" dragons = ((A DIPPS &8)) but we can't Breed or buy them @ this time.

    DFS & VARIANT...

    DISPOSABLE FIRE STRATEGY (DFS) 1:  Use Battle Calculator to determine if you have a dragon w/ a notable chance @ a Critical Hit.  When you do not have a dragon to fight for you that statistically rates higher than 10%, or your best chance dragon(s) are defeated use the Disposable Fire Strategy (DFS):  Buy a Fire (100 Coins), Hatch (10 seconds), then throw it into Battle.  @ L1 it will have a 10% chance @ a Critical Hit.

    DISPOSABLE FIRE STRATEGY (DFS) 2:  If your L1 Fire is defeated, sell it to bypass 2 hour, 500 Coin cost of healing.  Repeat until either you win, or a best chance dragon is Healed & ready to fight again.  No Nest?  Try DFS Variant:  Use lowest level dragon of lowest rarity, which will have a 10% chance of success.  You can try using Type Advantage Chart as well to see if you have a dragon that would have Type Advantage if not for the dragons Level.

    DATA can (usually) be found on my Wall:  Battling Data, Tournament Tips, Diamond Breeding Pairs, Dragon Tales Data, etc.  Email is MUCH more expedient.  Available:  Rough draft of my DS Guide, Breeding THEORY, Analyzing for Battling & Breeding, Top Tier Battle Strategy, etc.  Folks under 18 ask parent or guardian to email on your behalf.  Write Island name & level in subject line.  Email If:

    BINGO STRATEGY:  BINGO Square requires FEED dragon say 20 times, it does not have to be the same dragon.  Need empty Nest.   Feed L1 FIRE dragon 5 times (= 5 Apples), sell that FIRE & purchase new FIRE (100 Coins & 10 seconds to Hatch) & feed 5 times.  Repeat until required 20 Feedings accomplished.  EVOLVE say 4 dragons:  Need empty Nest & Evolution Temple.  Feed L1 FIRE until ready to Evolve @ L3 (65 Apples), Evolve him (20 seconds) then sell him & repeat.

    Questions?  Comments?  Rebuttals?  Let me know.  :)

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    • Its fine, I'm used to getting delayed responses. I am suprised that TL has not made fire &fire not count. :) All the new common hybrids are messing up breeding though.... Volt, Awoken, Firegrass and probably soon more...

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    • Oh yes.  S8 must pay a bonus to any techs or artists who find & close or complicate any & all loopholes that benefit players.

      I was FURIOUS when S8 crippled PYRAMID by adding Yellow Type so he is no longer an (ADIPS &8).  Guess they saw that too many players were able to win PYRAMID so too many had an effective Champion Fighter...


      I wrote to S8:

      June 21, 2017 18:31

      S8 stole away PYRAMID! Crippled him by adding Yellow Type so he is no longer able to Battle Champion Types w/ a slight advantage along w/: ACHILLES, DIAMOND, INFINITY, PASSION, SOCCER, & 8 other dragons that produce items other than Coins, excluding Gold Types... This is the worst sort of dirty pool. S8 changing the rules of the game to suit themselves. Guess too many folks earned PYRAMID so had a better chance @ winning Tournaments? This further undermines any trust players have in S8 management that they haven't already destroyed by their flagrant disregard of their players.

      S8 needs to make ammends. I want a full refund of the 253,100 Apples (which costs S8 absolutely nothing) I invested raising PYRAMID from L4 to L15. As you will see if you look @ my dragons list, the only dragons I raise to L15 are either decent Fighters or were required to raise for an event. PYRAMID is USELESS now as a Fighter. I would have only raised him to L4 only for future Breeding. So I want a full refund of the 253,100 Apples used to raise PYRAMID from L4 to L15. You are welcomed to reduce my PYRAMIDs level down to L4 once you refund the Apples.



      Support Agent ZoeyJune 23, 2017 13:38

      Hi Alyx,

      Thank you for your query and feedback regarding the new alterations to this feature. Unfortunately, we are not able to revert the changes back to the previous state at this time, though we will make sure to notify the development team about your feedback regarding this change.

      Please note that changes to features or prices may occur as you continue to play the game. We continue to make adjustments to the game's economy and balance to ensure the prolonged quality of the game for both new and existing users.

      If you have any further questions or concerns, please let us know.


      My response:

      June 23, 2017 14:15

      Fine, you don't have to change my L15 PYRAMID back to L4, but I do deserve a refund of the 253,100 Apples I invested raising PYRAMID from L4 to L15. Again, this is S8's fault! I invested those Apples in good faith because of how PYRAMID was designed by S8, being one of the ((ADIPPS &8)). S8 CHANGED PYRAMID by adding Yellow Type, CRIPPLING HIM!!! They changed the rules to suit themselves. So, S8 owes me 253,100 Apples. This is a point of principal. S8 should make ammends.

      To say that S8 decided to cripple PYRAMID to make sure the game is fair for new & existing users is a terrible argument. I think the real reason is that S8 got upset by how many players got PYRAMID & were able to get him up to L15 to fight Champion Types. For once I would really appreciate real answers. Not, we will pass this along just so you don't have to deal w/ me any longer. I have NEVER gottens further support once that tag line is used. & there are so many things WRONG w/ the game that NEED TO BE FIXED THAT ARE BEING IGNORED, yet S8 makes the time to enable Pop-Up Adds that make the game lag terribly & reset outrageously often. It has been MONTHS that S8 has failed to repair all the problems created by the last Android Update. Did S8 fire the only tech who was able to fix those same problems that appeared after the 2nd to last Android Update? Ie: being unable to see the last 100 or so Post characters, being unable to see island levels, being unable to see count down timers of Boosts, etc!!!

      How can we trust S8 @ all when they continue to pull such crappy stunts? Take accountability & refund me the 253,100 Apples I am owed because S8 changed the rules.


      Final S8 Response...

      June 23, 2017 14:51

      Hi Alyx,

      Thank you for your message. Please note, as per our Terms of Service, we reserve the right to make changes to the game at any time:

      (then provided a Link to S8's "Terms of Service)


      Now that I have Updated my Blog, I have reduced game play significantly & will likely quit entirely @ some point.  Though I stopped buying Gold many months ago in protest, I have no interest in tacitly supporting S8 in any way.  I will remain available via email to friends & neighbors who need help...

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi there.

    Thanks for your kind assessment. So glad the DFS has served you well.  :) I understand the frustration of being unable to visit certain players. Becoming Neighbors is one way to deal w/ this as we can @ times visit from our Neighbor's List when a link on anothers Wall causes a crash. The Best way is to keep a link on your Wall via a Post from whomever you have problems visiting. So you read my disclaimer on 777Xenon's Forum Wall about how I am an unconventional Neighbor but Deal in Data? If my terms are acceptible, I would be happy to have you as a new Neighbor. Let me know & I'll invite you. "Katali119" is your Storm8 ID?

    Note: Email is the most expediant way to communicate & relay Data. If interested in my Breding Theory I just Posted it as a Blog on my Forum Home Page... I have additional Data, such as "Best" BP's for all diamond types & my Top Tier Battle Strategy. Let me know what you might find useful. If you are under 18 please have a parent or guardian email on your behalf. Also, please type your island name & level in the subject line. Email If:

    Take care. Oh & good luck in the Dragon Tales I anticipate S8 releasung today.  :)


    (Aunt) Alyx

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