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  • Hi Raylan,

    I was wondering if you had any information on when we will be able to edit MediaWiki pages again. I know things have been locked down for security measures but I also know that in the last update it was said "We have begun to ease these restrictions by opening editing of the MediaWiki namespace back to admins on the communities that use those pages the most.".

    I'm asking because here we update MediaWiki pages like this and this a couple times a week to keep the calculators up-to-date. Due to not having access to these we have had to keep an off site calculator for up-to-date info. This off site calculator is run by someone who is not really active here anymore so it's a bit of a burden on them.

    So again, any info on or help getting these MediaWiki pages unlocked would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, knj00

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    • Well, this is a problem. Considering this MediaWiki data gets updated at least twice a week I can see why code review would be a headache.... However, I did not create the code used here and have no clue (and I mean NO CLUE, inept) how to convert it, so having someone to "assist" isn't really going to help me. I'm also way to busy to devote a ton of time trying to figure out what to do (and probably failing) to even attempt it. This is just a mess......

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    • I hear you - I'd be completely lost as to what to do.

      Let me reach out to our more code-savvy peeps and see if I can snag someone to come over and look at everything. Give me couple of days (not ideal, I know).

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