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The Night at the Movies World Event was the eighteenth limited time World Event released in Dragon Story.
Drama EpicAward EpicSilver Screen Epic

Players could collect Movie Tickets Movie Ticket to earn the following dragons and decor.
Movie Tickets were obtainable by the following:

Individual Prizes

Name Ticket Amounts Purchase Price Reward
Popcorn Bucket 25Movie Ticket 50Gold Popcorn Bucket
Double Spotlight 400Movie Ticket 300Gold Double Spotlight
Best Picture 800Movie Ticket 400Gold Best Picture
Drama Dragon 1,400Movie Ticket 800Gold Drama Baby
Award Dragon 2,300Movie Ticket 900Gold Award Baby

Community Prizes

Name Ticket Amounts Reward
Guest List 50,000,000Movie Ticket Guest List
Star Tile 150,000,000Movie Ticket Star Tile
Silver Screen Dragon 250,000,000Movie Ticket Silver Screen Baby


  • The Night at the Movies World Event was available at level 17.
  • The Night at the Movies World Event began on February 19, 2016 and ended on March 4, 2016.