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The Rose Archway was a decoration available from the Market and the Darling Dragons World Event.

Rose Archway "This aromatic accouterment is more than just a stately decoration; it also makes an ideal location to preside over dragon (or human) marriages on your island!"

Cost: 50 Gold

Sells for: 1,300 Coins

Experience: 500 Exp20px

Available at: Level Goal Completion


  • The Rose Archway was released with the Dragon Story: Valentine's Day update.
  • To unlock the Rose Archway, the player must complete a Goal.
  • When the Valentine goals expired, the Rose Archway could still be purchase from the market. The Rose Archway was removed from the market in 2015.
  • Players received the Rose Archway if they collected 25 Love Arrows Love Arrow during the Darling Dragons World Event.