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The Sleepy Slumberland World Event was the seventeenth limited time World Event released in Dragon Story.
Knightmare EpicDreamweaver EpicSlumber Epic

Players could collect Perfect Pillows Perfect Pillow to earn the following dragons and decor.
Perfect Pillows were obtainable by the following:

Individual Prizes

Name Pillow Amount Purchase Price Reward
Pillow Pile 25Perfect Pillow 50Gold20px Pillow Pile
Night Lights 400Perfect Pillow 300Gold20px Night Lights
Sweet Dream Balloon 900Perfect Pillow 400Gold20px Sweet Dream Balloon
Knightmare Dragon 1,500Perfect Pillow 800Gold20px Knightmare Baby
Dreamweaver Dragon 2,350Perfect Pillow 900Gold20px Dreamweaver Baby

Community Prizes

Name Pillow Amount Reward
Dream Tree 50,000,000Perfect Pillow Dream Tree
Dragonrider Statue 150,000,000Perfect Pillow Dragonrider Statue
Slumber Dragon 250,000,000Perfect Pillow Slumber Baby


  • The Sleepy Slumberland World Event was available at level 17.
  • The Sleepy Slumberland World Event began on January 22, 2016 and ended on February 5, 2016.
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