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Spell Shop.png The Spell Shop contains powerful crafting spells that allow you to create new dragons using gemstones from the Trading Portal!

Level Available: 8

Cost to Build: 600 Coins

Build Time: 5 minutes

Exp Gained: 6 Exp20px.png

"The Spell Shop is a giant, mystical book of spell recipes that lets you craft never-before seen decorations, magical items, and most importantly: new dragons. Gemstone Dragons."

The Spell Shop contains a list of crafting recipes. Crafting recipes outline a set of ingredients required to create the pictured product. The better the product, the harder the recipe. The most powerful crafted dragons might require several Large Gemstones, which are found by trading rarer dragons. Thankfully, the Spell Shop also has recipes for combining multiple Small Gemstones into a Large Gemstone! That means you can trade several easy-to-breed common dragons for Small Gemstones, then combine those into the Large Gemstones needed for the most powerful dragons available in the Spell Shop.


  • This feature was originally released exclusive to players with iOS devices.
    • The Spell Shop was released on Android Jan. 15, 2015.
  • Gemstone Type Dragons were removed from the Spell Shop on March 6, 2018.
    • Although they were previously available for crafting in the Spell Shop, both Android and iOS users can still breed unexpired Gemstone Type Dragons.
  • Resources obtained from other gameplay elements may also be used in the Spell Shop to craft more kinds of unbreedable dragons.
  • Players can use the Spell Shop to buy resources that they do not have for a high amount of gold Gold.

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Crafting Charts

Materials Item Craft Time
5Raw Marble.png none none Marble Key.png
Marble Key
24 hrs
25Essence.png none none Sakura Tree.png
Sakura Tree
30 mins
50Essence.png none none Gazebo.png
1 hr
50Essence.png none none Sorceress' Spellbook.png
Sorceress' Spellbook
2 hrs
50Essence.png none none Launch Pad.png
Launch Pad
1 hr
150Essence.png none none Kissing Dragons.png
Kissing Dragons
3 hrs
150Essence.png none none Temple Ruins.png
Temple Ruins
2 hrs
200Essence.png none none Forest Dragon Topiary.png
Forest Dragon Topiary
1 hr
500Essence.png none none Dragonrider Statue.png
Dragonrider Statue
1 hr
600Essence.png none none Lost Kingdom.png
Lost Kingdom
3 hrs
800Essence.png none none Sand Castle.png
Sand Castle
2 hrs
1,600Essence.png none none Five Peaks.png
Five Peaks
2 hrs
1,600Essence.png none none Shimmering Shoal.png
Shimmering Shoal
2 hrs
1,600Essence.png none none Destiny Delta.png
Destiny Delta
2 hrs
25,000Dark Heartbeat.png none none Reflector Baby.png
Reflector Dragon
7 hrs
100Baleful Badge.png none none

Obtrusive Baby.png
Obtrusive Dragon

5 mins
250Malefic Mineral.png none none Striking Baby.png
Striking Dragon
5 mins

Materials Item Craft Time
99Morningstars.png none none Gladiator Baby.pngGladiator Dragon 36 hrs
1Knight's Banners.png 1Knight's Orders.png 1Knight's Armors.png Knight Baby.png
Knight Dragon
28 hrs
3Samurai Steel.png 1Samurai Sword.png none

Samurai Baby.pngSamurai Dragon

36 hrs
99Spirit Scythe.png none none

Spirit Baby.png
Spirit Dragon

36 hrs
99Leviathan Pearl.png none none

Leviathan Baby.pngLeviathan Dragon

36 hrs
99Midnight Mace.png none none

Black Knight Baby.png
Black Knight Dragon

36 hrs
99Immortal's Mask.png none none

Immortal Baby.pngImmortal Dragon

36 hrs
99Arrowhead.png none none

Amazon Baby.pngAmazon Dragon

36 hrs
99Templar Helm.png none none

Templar Baby.pngTemplar Dragon

36 hrs
200Platinum Ingot.png none none

Platinum Baby.pngPlatinum Dragon

36 hrs
99Bluebell.png none none

Bluebell Baby.pngBluebell Dragon

36 hrs
200Amber Piece.png none none

Amber Baby.pngAmber Dragon

36 hrs
200Runestone.png none none

Rune Baby.png
Rune Dragon

36 hrs
99Hibiscus Blossom.png none none

Hibiscus Baby.pngHibiscus Dragon

36 hrs
200Glass Frill.png none none

Glass Baby.pngGlass Dragon

36 hrs
99Tarot Card.png none none

Tarot Baby.png
Tarot Dragon

36 hrs
200Sunstone Scale.png none none

Sunstone Baby.pngSunstone Dragon

36 hrs
99Guardian Mace.png none none

Guardian Baby.pngGuardian Dragon

36 hrs
200Gargoyle Stone.png none none

Gargoyle Baby.pngGargoyle Dragon

36 hrs
99Nightlight Orb.png none none

Nightlight Baby.pngNightlight Dragon

36 hrs
200Obsidian Shard.png none none

Obsidian Baby.pngObsidian Dragon

36 hrs
99Winddancer Ring.png none none

Winddancer Baby.pngWinddancer Dragon

36 hrs
200Geode Fragment.png none none

Geode Baby.pngGeode Dragon

36 hrs
99Lightspeed Orb.png none none

Lightspeed Baby.pngLightspeed Dragon

36 hrs
99Steelflare Crest.png none none

Steelflare Baby.pngSteelflare Dragon

36 hrs
200Golden Ankh.png none none

Pharaoh Baby.pngPharaoh Dragon

36 hrs
1Frozen Egg Crafting.png none none

Winter Solstice Baby.pngWinter Solstice Dragon

24 secs
99Battle Horn.png none none

Battlecaster Baby.pngBattlecaster Dragon

36 hrs
200Fire Opal.png none none

Fire Opal Baby.png
Fire Opal Dragon

36 hrs
99 or 60Venetian Mask.png none none

Venetian Baby.pngVenetian Dragon

36 hrs
99Lighthouse Beacon.png none none

Lighthouse Baby.pngLighthouse Dragon

36 hrs
200Sandstone.png none none

Sandstorm Baby.png
Sandstorm Dragon

36 hrs
1Azure Medallion.png 1Crimson Medallion.png 1Topaz Medallion.png Rainbow Spire.pngRainbow Spire 16hrs
99Glitter Stone.png none none

Glitter Baby.pngGlitter Dragon

36 hrs
200Scarab Talisman.png none none

Scarab Baby.png
Scarab Dragon

36 hrs
99Plasma Orb.png none none

Plasma Baby.pngPlasma Dragon

36 hrs
200Radioactive Fragment.png none none

Radioactive Baby.png
Radioactive Dragon

36 hrs
99Carousel Pole.png none none

Carousel Baby.pngCarousel Dragon

36 hrs
200Marble Chunk.png none none

Marble Baby.png
Marble Dragon

36 hrs
99Gatekeeper Key.png none none

Gatekeeper Baby.pngGatekeeper Dragon

36 hrs
200Idol Stone.png none none

Idol Baby.png
Idol Dragon

36 hrs
99Basilisk Fang.png none none

Basilisk Baby.pngBasilisk Dragon

36 hrs
200Malachite Chunk.png none none

Malachite Baby.png
Malachite Dragon

36 hrs
99Power Flower.png none none

Flower Power Baby.pngFlower Power Dragon

36 hrs
200Ivory Token.png none none

Ivory Baby.png
Ivory Dragon

36 hrs
99Chandelier Crystal.png none none

Chandelier Baby.pngChandelier Dragon

36 hrs
200Crystal Prism.png none none

Crystal Baby.pngCrystal Dragon

36 hrs
99Puzzle Piece.png none none

Jigsaw Baby.pngJigsaw Dragon

36 hrs
200Polished Azurite.png none none

Azurite Baby.pngAzurite Dragon

36 hrs
99Sweet Treat.png none none

Sweet Tooth Baby.pngSweet Tooth Dragon

36 hrs
200Cut Garnet.png none none

Garnet Baby.pngGarnet Dragon

36 hrs
99Pan Flute.png none none

Night Imp Baby.pngNight Imp Dragon

36 hrs
200Abyssal Shards.png none none Abyss Baby.pngAbyss Dragon 36 hrs
99Colorful Lights.png none none

Festive Light Baby.pngFestive Light Dragon

36 hrs
200Cursed Medallion.png none none Cursed Idol Baby.pngCursed Idol Dragon 36 hrs
99Lost Ring.png none none

Groom Baby.pngGroom Dragon

36 hrs
200Opal Stone.png none none Opal Baby.png
Opal Dragon
36 hrs
99Intricate Egg.png none none

Intricate Egg Baby.pngIntricate Egg Dragon

36 hrs
200Hidden Gem.png none none Hidden Gem Baby.png
Hidden Gem Dragon
36 hrs
99Stopwatch.png none none

Supersonic Baby.pngSupersonic Dragon

36 hrs
200Fossilized Footprint.png none none Lost Bones Baby.png
Lost Bones Dragon
36 hrs
70Bottled Sun.png none none

Solar Baby.pngSolar Dragon

24 hrs
170Trinket Box.png none none Old Trinket Baby.png
Old Trinket Dragon
36 hrs
70Ironbark.png none none

Ironbark Baby.pngIronbark Dragon

24 hrs
150Mineral Deposit.png
none none Dual Cave Baby.png
Stalactite Dragon
Stalagmite Dragon
36 hrs
75Spirit Stone.png none none

Soul Baby.png
Soul Dragon

24 hrs
300Mossy Stone.png none none Overgrowth Baby.png
Overgrowth Dragon
24 hrs
80Mail.png none none

Courier Baby.png
Courier Dragon

24 hrs
350Sulfurite.png none none Sulfur Baby.png
Sulfur Dragon
24 hrs
80School Supplies.png none none

Teacher Baby.png
Teacher Dragon

24 hrs
300Carved Stone.png none none Artifact Baby.png
Artifact Dragon
24 hrs
80Bone.png none none

Skull Baby.png
Skull Dragon

24 hrs
275Pale Rock.png none none Ghoststone Baby.png
Ghoststone Dragon
24 hrs
80Sapling.png none none Nature Baby.png
Nature Dragon
24 hrs
300Rope.png none none Spelunking Baby.png
Spelunking Dragon
24 hrs
75North Pole Craft.png none none Northern Light Baby.png
Northern Light Dragon
24 hrs
275Glacial Shard.png none none Glacial Baby.png
Glacial Dragon
24 hrs
35Corrupt Crystal.png none none

The Dark One Baby.png
The Dark One

24 hrs
80Mystic Cards.png none none Mystic Baby.png
Mystic Dragon
24 hrs
300Spirit Crystal.png none none Spirit Crystal Baby.png
Spirit Crystal Dragon
24 hrs
80Puppet Strings.png none none Marionette Baby.png
Marionette Dragon
5 mins
275Mithril Ore.png none none Mithril Baby.png
Mithril Dragon
5 mins
80Fallen Star.png none none Twin Star Baby.png
Twin Star Dragon
5 mins
200Magma Core.png none none

Magma Baby.pngMagma Dragon

36 hrs
80Soft Cloud.png none none Cloud Rider Baby.png
Cloud Rider Dragon
5 mins
185Lovely Lava.png none none

Rose Magma Baby.png
Rose Magma Dragon

5 min
80Royal Ring.png none none Tricrown Baby.png
Tricrown Dragon
5 mins
80Summer Seed.png none none

Summer Lily Baby.pngSummer Lily Dragon

5 mins
250Pop Stone.png none none Poprock Baby.png
Poprock Dragon
5 mins
250Magpie Feather.png none none Magpie Baby.png
Magpie Dragon
5 mins
250Frilly Flower.png none none Pretty Baby.png
Pretty Dragon
5 mins
20,000Treat.png none none Skelequeen Baby.png
Skelequeen Dragon
7 hrs
20,000Trick.png none none Skeleking Baby.png
Skeleking Dragon
7 hrs
100Headstone.png none none

Buried Bones Baby.pngBuried Bones Dragon

5 mins
20,000Warm Feystone.png none none Solar Fyre Baby.png
Solar Fyre Dragon
7 hrs
20,000Cool Feystone.png none none Lunar Fyre Baby.png
Lunar Fyre Dragon
7 hrs
100Hot Water.png none none Cinder Fyre Baby.pngCinder Fyre Dragon 5 mins
20,000Wishlist.png none none Old Klaws Baby.png
Old Klaws Dragon
7 hrs
20,000Cookie.png none none Mama Klaws Baby.pngMama Klaws Dragon 7 hrs
275Button Nose.png none none Snowlady Baby.png
Snowlady Dragon
5 mins
20,000World Map.png none none Father Sky Baby.pngFather Sky Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Travel Log.png none none Mother Earth Baby.pngMother Earth Dragon 7 hrs
100Bottled Voyage.png none none British Baby.pngBritish Dragon 5 mins
100Promise Ring.png none none Kiss Baby.png
Kiss Dragon
5 mins
275Perfect Stone.png none none Devoted Baby.png
Devoted Dragon
5 mins
20,000Beloved Band.png none none Beloved Baby.pngBeloved Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Forever Band.png none none Forever Baby.pngForever Dragon 7 hrs
1Large Sapphire.png 1Large Emerald.png none Gemstone Baby.pngGemstone Dragon 36 hrs
2Large Ruby.png 6Spell Scroll.png none Ruby Baby.png
Ruby Dragon
16 hrs
2Large Emerald.png 3Spell Scroll.png none Emerald Baby.pngEmerald Dragon 8 hrs
2Large Sapphire.png 3Nether Dust.png 1Spell Scroll.png Sapphire Baby.pngSapphire Dragon 24 hrs
2Large Topaz.png 2Nether Dust.png 1Spell Scroll.png Topaz Baby.pngTopaz Dragon 20 hrs
10Small Ruby.png none none Large Ruby.png
Large Ruby
6 hrs
10Small Emerald.png none none Large Emerald.png
Large Emerald
6 hrs
10Small Topaz.png none none Large Topaz.png
Large Topaz
6 hrs
10Small Sapphire.png none none Large Sapphire.png
Large Sapphire
10 hrs
1Small Sapphire.png 1Small Amethyst.png none Nether Dust.pngNether Dust 10 hrs
1Small Emerald.png 1Small Topaz.png none Spell Scroll.png
Spell Scroll
6 hrs
none none Blue Hedge.png
Blue Hedge
6 hrs
1Small Ruby.png none none Red Hedge.png
Red Hedge
4 hrs
1Small Sapphire.png none none Dragon Topiary.pngDragon Topiary 8 hrs
1Small Amethyst.png 4Lotus Blossom.png none Caretaker CottageCaretaker Cottage 12 hrs
1Small Emerald.png 1Small Topaz.png none Dragon CarriageDragon Carriage 20 hrs
1Small Ruby.png 1Small Sapphire.png none Lakeside CastleLakeside Castle 20 hrs
2Large Amethyst.png 3Nether Dust.png 1Spell Scroll.png Amethyst Baby.pngAmethyst Dragon 24 hrs
10Small Amethyst.png none none Large Amethyst.png
Large Amethyst
16 hrs
1Large Amethyst.png 3Small Topaz.png 2Small Emerald.png Castle in the Sky.pngCastle In The Sky 20 hrs
2Large Pearl.png 1Nether Dust.png 3Spell Scroll.png Pearl Baby.png
Pearl Dragon
24 hrs
10Small Pearl.png none none Large Pearl.png
Large Pearl
16 hrs
2Large Quartz.png 2Nether Dust.png 2Spell Scroll.png Quartz Baby.pngQuartz Dragon 24 hrs
10Small Quartz.png none none Large Quartz.png
Large Quartz
16 hrs
2Large Onyx.png 2Nether Dust.png 3Spell Scroll.png Onyx Baby.png
Onyx Dragon
24 hrs
2Large Onyx.png 2Large Topaz.png 2Nether Dust.png Tiger's Eye Baby.pngTiger's Eye Dragon 36 hrs
2Large Onyx.png 2Large Emerald.png 2Nether Dust.png Jade Baby.png
Jade Dragon
36 hrs
10Small Onyx.png none none Large Onyx.png
Large Onyx
16 hrs
100Stardust.png none none Uranus Baby.png
Uranus Dragon
5 mins
20,000Black Star.png none none Orbit Baby.pngOrbit Dragon 7 hrs
20,000White Star.png none none Universe Baby.pngUniverse Dragon 7 hrs
3Comets Cores.png 1Comets Tails.png none Comet Baby.pngComet Dragon 36 hrs
99Lotus Blossom.png 3Nether Dust.png 3Spell Scroll.png Lotus Baby.pngLotus Dragon 36 hrs
20,000Small Gift.png none none Neo Kitsune Baby.png
Neo Kitsune Dragon
7 hrs
20,000B-day Card.png none none Neo Unicorn Baby.png
Neo Unicorn Dragon
7 hrs
20,000Red Fragrance.png none none White Lotus Baby.pngWhite Lotus Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Blue Fragrance.png none none Nightflower Baby.pngNightflower Dragon 7 hrs
250Rustic Leaf.png none none Palmate Baby.png
Palmate Dragon
5 mins
20,000Sapphire Shard.png none none Bright Diamond Baby.pngBright Diamond Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Ruby Shard.png none none Dark Amethyst Baby.png
Dark Amethyst Dragon
7 hrs
94Lost Gem.png none none Umber Onyx Baby.png
Umber Onyx Dragon
5 mins
20,000Aquar Tiara.png none none Seaqueen Baby.pngSeaqueen Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Aquar Crown.png none none Seaking Baby.pngSeaking Dragon 7 hrs
250Sand Dollar.png none none Coconut Baby.png
Coconut Dragon
5 mins
20,000Onyx Feather.png none none Cardinal Baby.pngCardinal Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Pearl Feather.png none none Bluejay Baby.pngBluejay Dragon 7 hrs
100Mars Stone.png none none

Mars Baby.png
Mars Dragon

5 mins
250Seastone.png none none Warbler Baby.png
Warbler Dragon
5 mins
20,000Light Gem.png none none Glitterspark Baby.pngGlitterspark Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Dark Gem.png none none Conjur Baby.pngConjur Dragon 7 hrs
100Battlemark.png none none

Leyline Baby.png
Leyline Dragon

5 mins
250Magic Mineral.png none none Metallurgy Baby.png
Metallurgy Dragon
5 mins
20,000Grand Sphere.png none none Dark Leaf Baby.png
Dark Leaf Dragon
7 hrs
20,000Grand Cube.png none none Nevermore Baby.pngNevermore Dragon 7 hrs
100Dark Battlemark.png none none

Dark Chroma Baby.png
Dark Chroma Dragon

5 mins
250Dark Mineral.png none none Candle Baby.png
Candle Dragon
5 mins
20,000Brave Orb.png none none Scarbolt Baby.png
Scarbolt Dragon
7 hrs
20,000Perfect Star.png none none Drake Baby.pngDrake Dragon 7 hrs
100Wizard Battlemark.png none none

Half-Giant Baby.png
Half-Giant Dragon

5 mins
250Wizard Mineral.png none none Loyal Baby.png
Loyal Dragon
5 mins
20,000Minature Gift.png none none Choir Baby.png
Choir Dragon
7 hrs
20,000New Star.png none none Herald Baby.pngHerald Dragon 7 hrs
100Powdered Battlemark.png none none

Powdered Baby.pngPowdered Dragon

5 mins
250Frost Mineral.png none none White Christmas Baby.png
White Christmas Dragon
5 mins
20,000Fairyscroll.png none none Unicorn 2nd Baby.pngUnicorn 2nd Dragon 7 hrs
20,000Lorebook.png none none Gryffin Baby.pngGryffin Dragon 7 hrs
100Story Battlemark.png none none

Vizier Baby.pngVizier Dragon

5 mins
250Fable Mineral.png none none Rivertroll Baby.pngRivertroll Dragon 5 mins
20,000Pink Chocolate.png none none Dire Wolf Baby.png
Dire Wolf Dragon
7 hrs
20,000White Chocolate.png none none Peryton Baby.pngPeryton Dragon 7 hrs
100Sweetmark.png none none

Matchmaker Baby.pngMatchmaker Dragon

5 mins
250Lovely Mineral.png none none Engagement Baby.pngEngagement Dragon 5 mins
20,000Heroic Totem.png none none Pegasus 2nd Baby.pngPegasus 2nd Dragon 7 hrs
100Mythic Battlemark.png none none

Neo Valkyrie Baby.png
Neo Valkyrie Dragon

5 mins
250Mythic Mineral.png none none Underlord Baby.pngUnderlord Dragon 5 mins
20,000Birthday Crown.png none none Rainbow Queen Baby.pngRainbow Queen Dragon 7 hrs
100Honor Badge.png none none

Furylord Baby.pngFurylord Dragon

5 mins
250Royal Mineral.png none none Wightlord Baby.pngWightlord Dragon 5 mins
20,000Florette.png none none Paeonia Baby.pngPaeonia Dragon 7 hrs
100Flower Badge.png none none

Orchid Baby.pngOrchid Dragon

5 mins
250Soil Mineral.png none none Ranunculus Baby.pngRanunculus Dragon 5 mins
20,000Starborn Dust.png none none Crux Baby.png
Crux Dragon
7 hrs
100Star Badge.png none none

Gravitron Baby.pngGravitron Dragon

5 mins
250Space Mineral.png none none Vela Baby.png
Vela Dragon
5 mins
20,000Wild Tracks.png none none Chromastripe Baby.pngChromastripe Dragon 7 hrs
100Animal Badge.png none none

Venom Baby.pngVenom Dragon

5 mins
250Wild Mineral.png none none Vibrant Baby.png
Vibrant Dragon
5 mins
20,000Tropic Water.png none none Daycast Baby.pngDaycast Dragon 7 hrs
100Island Badge.png none none

Skywind Baby.pngSkywind Dragon

5 mins
250Tropic Mineral.png none none Tectonic Baby.png
Tectonic Dragon
5 mins
30,000Sandking Symbol.png none none Luxor Baby.pngLuxor Dragon 7 hrs
100Pharaoh Badge.png none none

Neo Pharaoh Baby.png
Neo Pharaoh Dragon

5 mins
250Desert Mineral.png none none Papyrus Baby.png
Papyrus Dragon
5 mins
30,000Scarykin.png none none Occult Baby.pngOccult Dragon 7 hrs
100Scary Badge.png none none

Haunted Leo Baby.pngHaunted Leo Dragon

5 mins
250Scary Mineral.png none none Haunted Scorpio Baby.png
Haunted Scorpio Dragon
5 mins
25,000North Glow.png none none Crystal Hearth Baby.pngCrystal Hearth Dragon 7 hrs
100Bright Badge.png none none

Lumen Baby.pngLumen Dragon

5 mins
250Shimmer Mineral.png none none Boreal Baby.png
Boreal Dragon
5 mins
25,000Crystal Star.png none none Cozy Baby.pngCozy Dragon 7 hrs
100Snowy Badge.png none none

Soft Shine Baby.png
Soft Shine Dragon

5 mins
250Glittering Mineral.png none none Golden Faerie Baby.png
Golden Faerie Dragon
5 mins
25,000Gold Coin.png none none Playful New Year Baby.pngPlayful New Year Dragon 7 hrs
100Firecracker Badge.png none none

Solunar Baby.pngSolunar Dragon

5 mins
250Lucky Mineral.png none none Lucky Jade Baby.png
Lucky Jade Dragon
5 mins
25,000Love Bug.png none none Overlove Baby.pngOverlove Dragon 7 hrs
100Rainbow Badge.png none none

Featherborn Baby.pngFeatherborn Dragon

5 mins
250Chromatic Mineral.png none none Calmheart Baby.png
Calmheart Dragon
5 mins
25,000Gold Token.png none none Strongshine Baby.pngStrongshine Dragon 7 hrs
100Carved Badge.png none none

Plume Baby.pngPlume Dragon

5 mins
250Soft Mineral.png none none Primal Flame Baby.png
Primal Flame Dragon
5 mins
25,000Birthday Surprise.png none none Party Star Baby.pngParty Star Dragon 7 hrs
100Birthday Badge.png none none

Blue Storm Baby.png
Blue Storm Dragon

5 mins
250Scrumptious Mineral.png none none Roseglass Baby.png
Roseglass Dragon
5 mins
25,000Sunbeamer.png none none Bold Floral Baby.png
Bold Floral Dragon
7 hrs
100Seed Badge.png none none

Rainbloom Baby.pngRainbloom Dragon

5 mins
250Root Mineral.png none none Lillian Baby.png
Lillian Dragon
5 mins
25,000Destiny Deck.png none none Foolish Baby.png
Foolish Dragon
7 hrs
100Divination Badge.png none none

Recluse Baby.pngRecluse Dragon

5 mins
250Mystic Mineral.png none none Sol Baby.png
Sol Dragon
5 mins
25,000Lumifly.png none none Pink Pixie Baby.png
Pink Pixie Dragon
7 hrs
100Fey Badge.png none none

Periwinkle Baby.png
Periwinkle Dragon

5 mins
250Miracle Mineral.png none none Royalwing Baby.png
Royalwing Dragon
5 mins