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The Terror Night Dragon Tales Event was the forty-forth limited time Dragon Tales event released in Dragon Story.
Ghost EpicPocus EpicOmega Light Mother Epic


Levels 80-200 - Levels 32-79 - Levels 17-31

Chapter 1 (4 Acts)

1. Plant 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12Gold20px)
2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 50Gold20px)
3. Feed ANY dragons 5 times. (Skip: 10Gold20px) (Prize:100 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
4. Plant ANY 6 crops. (Skip: 12Gold20px)
Prize: 1 DarkstoneDarkstone

Chapter 2 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 5 Gold

1. Feed ANY dragons 8 times. (Skip: 16Gold20px)
2. Plant 3 Impruberries. (Skip: 48Gold20px) (Prize:140 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
3. Collect Grand Spheres from Breeding. (Skip: 30Gold20px) (Prize:1 DarkstoneDarkstone)
4. Start crafting your Ghost Dragon. (Skip: 14Gold20px)
Prize: 15,000 Coin20px

Chapter 3 (3 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 10 Gold

1. Finish crafting and Hatch your Ghost Dragon. (Skip: 21Gold20px)
2. Raise Ghost Dragon to level 3. (Skip: 7Gold20px) (Prize:175 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
3. Start the Within Dark Quest. (Skip: 7Gold20px)
Prize: 2,500 Firapples

Chapter 4 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 15 Gold

1. Start the Terror Time Quest. (Skip: 7Gold20px)
2. Raise Ghost Dragon to level 4. (Skip: 20Gold20px)
3. Breed with a Mist Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold20px) (Prize:200 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
4. Start crafting a Patchwork Vine. (Skip: 20Gold20px)
Prize: 12 Mystic MapsMystic Map

Chapter 5 (4 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 20 Gold

1. Raise Ghost Dragon to level 7. (Skip: 21Gold20px)
2. Craft and decorate with a Patchwork Vine. (Skip: 25Gold20px) (Prize:300 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
3. Collect Grand Spheres from Breeding. (Skip: 30Gold20px) (Prize:1 Glow OrbGlow Orb)
4. Start the Within Dark Quest. (Skip: 7Gold20px)
Prize: 4,000 Firapples

Chapter 6 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 25 Gold

1. Start crafting a Uproot. (Skip: 12Gold20px)
2. Hatch a common Werewolf Dragon (Breed Black + Purple). (Skip: 50Gold20px) (Prize:1 Glow OrbGlow Orb)
3. Start the Terror Time Quest. (Skip: 15Gold20px)
4. Raise Ghost Dragon to level 11. (Skip: 100Gold20px)
5. Collect Grand Spheres from Breeding. (Skip: 60Gold20px)
Prize: 500 Grand CubesGrand Cube

Chapter 7 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 30 Gold

1. Complete the Within Dark Quest. (Skip: 24Gold20px)
2. Raise Ghost Dragon to level 13. (Skip: 150Gold20px) (Prize:1 Glow OrbGlow Orb)
3. Craft and decorate with another Uproot. (Skip: 25Gold20px) (Prize:650 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
4. Breed with a Ghost Dragon. (Skip: 25Gold20px) (Prize:1 Glow OrbGlow Orb)
5. Start crafting your Pocus Dragon. (Skip: 9Gold20px)
Prize: 12 Island PartsIsland Part

Chapter 8 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 35 Gold

1. Raise Pocus Dragon to level 5. (Skip: 50Gold20px)
2. Breed Ghost Dragon with a Werewolf Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold20px)
3. Win 1 Fight with your Pocus Dragon. (Skip: 25Gold20px)
4. Raise Werewolf Dragon to level 6. (Skip: 12Gold20px) (Prize:900 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
5. Win 2 Fights in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 50Gold20px)
Prize: 4 Patchwork VinesPatchwork Vine

Chapter 9 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 45 Gold

1. Win 2 Fights with your Pocus Dragon. (Skip: 50Gold20px)
2. Raise Pocus Dragon to level 8. (Skip: 30Gold20px)
3. Complete the Within Dark Quest. (Skip: 24Gold20px)
4. Craft a Dark Relic. (Skip: 40Gold20px) (Prize:1,400 Grand CubesGrand Cube)
5. Raise Ghost Dragon to level 14. (Skip: 180Gold20px)
Prize: 60 Raw MarblesRaw Marble

Chapter 10 (5 Acts)
Unlock chapter early: 50 Gold

1. Recieve 5 Hallograms from Neighbors. (Skip: 35Gold20px)
2. Harvest 6 Firapples. (Skip: 12Gold20px)
3. Raise Pocus Dragon to level 12. (Skip: 225Gold20px)
4. Craft and decorate with a Monsterwood. (Skip: 75Gold20px)
5. Win 4 Fights in the Battle Arena. (Skip: 100Gold20px)
Prize: 1,900 Grand CubesGrand Cube

Grand Prize: 1 Omega Light Mother Dragon


Dragon Tales: Terror Night

  • Halloween was approaching just like any other year, but something sinister was brewing deep within the Island. Darkness had enveloped the land, and no dragon had seen the sun in days...
  • About a week ago, the Pocus Dragon had attempted to cast a frightful spell for Halloween, but nothing came. Instead of creating terrific frights, only an Orb of Omen appeared before him. The orb came with a grim message...
  • The Orb of Omen foretold of a great shadow to befall the Island, and bring about the Terror Night! When no immediate danger appeared, the Pocus Dragon simply thought it to be a prank, but the darkness would soon be all too real.
  • Within days, dozens of Ghost Dragons began to appear all over the Island and, in brief moments of visibility, gave warning of the long night to come. Before disappearing, they would leave a Dark Relic in their wake. Pocus Dragon gathered every stone he could in order to stop this catastrophe before it began!
  • Pocus Dragon traveled the Island for three days collecting a dozen Dark Relics in order to discern their cursed purpose. He could find no connection to them whatsoever, not until the 13th Ghost Dragon appeared before him. It left him another relic, and a riddle: The Darkness ends at every dawn, but what happens when even that is gone?
  • When the 13th relic was put into his pack, they started to burn and the sky turned black! The relics had fused into a Darkstone and with it, the shadow in the sky had grown! The sun was gone, as were the stars, but the Pocus Dragon knew what he had to do!
  • The Darkstone flew out of his grasp to the center of the Island and set itself down in the middle of Terror Town! A huge vortex of shadow and fright rose up the sky and created this long night! The Pocus Dragon cast every spell he knew, but nothing worked; he'd need something new.
  • Days had passed and the darkness was thick, but the Pocus Dragon was determined it wouldn't stick. If there was no sun, there'd be no dawn. But what could he do with it gone? He needed a source of light strong and bright if he wanted to end this eternal night!
  • He journeyed for what seemed like days to find what he needed: A Glow Orb with enough light to break the shadowy veil. The orb shined bright with glorious light. But when he brought it to the Darkstone, it did not end the night. Instead it cracked and a flash appeared before him. The light was warm and he knew it could be no other, before him stood Omega Light Mother!
  • Omega Light Mother gave him a smile of compassion and grace, for she knew he had been running in this shadowy race. She thanked him for freeing her from the orb's power, and she flew up to the vortex to create a light shower. The horizon cracked with a light so bright that it broke through the Terror Night! She flew in the air so happy and free, knowing the world was safe, and her children happy!


  • The Terror Night Dragon Tales Event was available at level 17.
  • The Terror Night Dragon Tales Event began on October 9, 2018 and ended on October 19, 2018.
  • After completing a Goal and earning a coin or token during the Terror Night Dragon Tales Event, players could craft either the Light Mother Dragon, 15 Adventure Tickets AdventureTicket or 3 10x Farm Boosts BoostFarm10x.
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