• Hello, fellow breeders, and welcome to my profile!

    My island name is: .

    Current Island Level: .

    Favorite Dragon that I have gotten as a surprise: .

    Dragons I am currently striving for: Diamond.

    Dragons I have levelled to Adult Form: .

    Dragons I want most: .

    Dragons I cannot get due to my current level but that I badly want: .

    Hybrids that I have bred the most: .

    Hybrids that annoy me because I get them repeatedly: .

    Dragons I will likely never go after: .

    Dragons I need help breeding: Diamond.

    Any questions or help can be commented. Thank you! Have a nice day and best of luck breeding!

    **Personal Note** Use Bold, Italic, and Underline AFTER centering the cursor and typing a section. Copy and Paste the above bit, or just post the blank info on my wall and I can fill this in for you! ^^ Here is an example of the BIUC thing:

    Other Wikias I plan on contributing to: Shin Megami Tensei

    I hope this helps! 



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