• I just did my 20th expansion and my mine closed, but only just occurred to me the cost was very low....think it was 54 parts and around 1.4m coins- anyone else?

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    • It seems TL has just changed the needed amounts for mining expansions. The new info will be added to the page as it is obtained. :)

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    • I'm amazed (not to mention thrilled)  that TL decided to lower the parts needed and the cost to expand the mining "island"! I can hardly believe they lowered the cost of something!! Do you play Pet Story? The costs of new pets are RUDUCULOUS so to see them actually lower prices/parts needed in a game is unbelievable and seems too good to be true! Lol... What do u think they want from us?! Mawhahaha 

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    • "What do u think they want from us?" <- Love that lol

      Who knows this is TL. They may just be trying to make up for the fact that the game is getting really hard to play for people that have been playing for years (space issues). Or... Maybe someone just messed up and they will increase the prices at a later date. :P

      I only play DS and Fantasy Forest Story, thank goodness. :)

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