• Has anyone else had theirs glitch? I completed the current earlier, and confirm that the "Spirit Warrior Dragon" was in my Storage afterwards. But now, I'm back at the begining of the entire thing, with no Dragon.

    I've kept all other changes that were made through the tournament, Gold, Carousel Poles, Dragons that need resting, etc.

    Has this happened to anyone else, or is this an isolated insolent for me?

    Note: I have contacted them about this.

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    • thats weird ! I have heard of nbrs having to redo individual battles, but never having it reset 

      keep us informed on what TL say please

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    • I hope TL helped you out! Heard from them yet?

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    • @Tavalah; Heard nothing yet. Hopefully they'll actually be able to help.

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    • Update; They were kind enough to restore the Dragon in my "Storage". So, alls well that ends well I suppose.

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