• As I read about gold gifting here, you can send 3 only but you can recieve up to 20 a day.

    So I have my original account & husband account. And our 2 temporary ones. 

    I am looking for some1 who is willing to send me gold to my original account and my husband account and in exchange I will send him/her gold from the temporary accounts!

    ( i can do it with one person who will send 2 gold and recieve 2 gold)   or

    (2 ppl who willl send 1 gold and recieve 1)

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    • i'd be happy to try to keep up.

      hope this isn't against the rules.

      It does seem to work, i only send my 3 a day but not always same people every day. Some days i only get 2, other days up to 8 like yesterday.

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    • I dont think its against the rules O.o

      otherwise they would of insured we can only recieve 3 gold a day!

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    • Please use your personal wikia message walls to exchange Storm8 IDs because it's against the Wikia rules to post them outside of the Neighbors page or your personal Message Wall or blog. ;) Thanks

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    • A FANDOM user
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