• I notice you posted on the diamond breeding discussion that you don't know how to get a metal dragon? 

    The 2 colours that contribute are white and blue (so water + light) after that it's just luck. 

    You could also try to breed a metal hybrid with a white or blue dragon and see if that helps (forgefather is metal, black, red) (cursed idol is metal, yellow, green)

    Hope that helps :) 

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    • Thanks, I'll give it a try

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    • Well, no luck getting metal this weekend but I did get Night, Leo, and Justice. I'm happy with those. I all but gave up on getting a third Diamond. I got the first 3 within a few days of each other then nothing. Oh well, I guess I'll get them eventually.

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    • I've yet to get a diamond (level 91) I've tried every combination countless times... Even during boosted breeds I either end up with doubles of dragons I already have or commons.. It's ridiculous. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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