• I think we could assume that a Trickster base can end up a bit bigger than a human at Adult form, because of the Athletic dragon's description;

    "By now, your Athletic Dragon should be larger than you. This is a key turning point in their development. Now the dragon can stop competing with you compulsively, and you can get to know each other. Caretakers should still arrange the occasional scrimmage."

    What do you think?

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    • I am genuinely scared to see a Colossal or Sky Giant Dragon.

      Similarly, a Teacup, Tiny, or Incognito Dragon would be hilarious!

      The size of the dragons is really not at all to scale as you see in game...

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    • I know they're not to scale but it's proved that the epic form of Celestial's is MASSIVE since it is so big compared to other epic forms and because it's wings are confused with stars, also are the edifications like the spell shops and farms (the parts with doors and windows) for us? Because if they're then we're very tiny in the game.

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    • Enchanted farms are kinda big actually... The Portal and Spell Shop don't really need to be big, seeing as they only fulfill one purpose, but I can see maybe one or two people living in one of the farms...

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