• Hi there 777Xenon!

    Thanks for taking the time to let me know about Blogs. I will try to find the time to research how one goes about writing one. One reason I haven't participated more is that my Clipboard feature doesn't work in the Forum format. I can only Paste the last item I Copied. So this makes contributing more difficult & time consuming. The primary reason I don't participate more is that the Forum insists on using my Storm8 ID as my screen name. Whenever I Post something new on the Forum I inevitably get a number of "Blind Invites" which are Neighbor Requests extended w/out visiting my island, playing, & Posting. Which means I can't visit them to "meet" them BEFORE accepting them as a Neighbor. I find this REALLY agravating. Our S8 ID is a password of sorts & should be treated w/ confidentiality @ my discretion.

    All that aside, are you an iOS or Android user? I have written to TeamLava but have yet to receive a response to my request that they list all the new features now available to iOS from the last Update. Can you answer?

    My most important question has to do w/ the annotated screen shot I attached. I discovered the 4 new Habitat slots floating on "water" after seeing this phenomenon on anothers island. I did nothing actively to receive these 4 Habitat slots. So, how did I get them? I have Neighbor's wanting to know how they can Expand there. & I saw a Neighbor who had an additional Habitat floating on water to the right of my 4. So how can I get more Expansions? I have searched Wikia pages & the Forum but haven't found anything written on this. Have you found anything?

    Thanks for your time.


    Alyx  :)

    Screenshot 2017-02-03-05-03-36
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    • Ah, just read down your Wall a bit & learned you too are also a poor lowly 2nd class Android player like me.  :/ Sigh. If you do not know about the "Water" Expansions, can you link me to someone who might know?

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    • The water expansions are a glitch related to last Friday's update in which iOS players got new mining expansions. I too have this glitch on my island, although it is only a 4x8 area instead of 8x8. :I

      There is nothing you can do to actively get them, to my knowledge, they just appear.

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    • Huh! Well it's a Happy Fail then. Always nice when that happens. I realize this is unlikely, but I recommend taking a screen shot of the Habitat's resting on that glitch in case a reset from S8 deletes those Habitats in an effort to remove the glitch. That way you can show S8 Proof of what you lost in your effort to get it back.

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