• Hay, just noticed. You were born on the same day as my only sibling, my 6 year younger sister. Also born in June, I am a Gemini to your Cancer.  :)

    Any interest in becoming DS Neighbors? I find you a wonderful resource that is active, interested, & knowledgeable enough to make you an excellent sounding board. Below are my standard Posts that I place on Walls of those interested in becoming Neighbors to warn that I am odd, Deal in Data, but potentially useful at times. Establishing additional connections can make consulting you easier.  :) My island name is "If". If you would like to be Neighbors let me know & I'll send an Invite to, "777Xenon"?

    DATA can (usually) be found on my Wall: Dragon Tales, Battling, Tournament Tips, Diamond Breeding Pairs, etc. Email is exceedingly expedient & can send anotated scrolling screen shots, DS Guide, Breeding THEORY, algorithm, & Top Tier Battle Strategies that list most "powerful" Fighters. Folks under 18 ask parent or guardian if they'll email on your behalf. Write Island name & level in subject line. Email If:

    BECOMMING NEIGHBORS? Appreciate interest. As some folks value highly those who Play forward & back, must warn that I'm unconventional & Deal in Data. Will not play back unless there is discussion, requests, ?'s, or SOS's. Regret this discourtesy, but must prioritize time. Am only accepting new Neighbors who may find my Data useful & / or are interested in sharing their knowledge, theories, & observations. If agreeable, please say so (& Post your ID?).  :)

    Are you familiar with the "Dragon Story Database"? Passi is a wonderful guy who maintains alone a tremendously useful site. I highly recommend creating a free account & going through the steps necessary to have the lists of your dragons & Habitats brought onto the site.

    DRAGON STORY DATABASE (DSD) 1: Unique site that can list your DS Data & makes Battling MUCH easier by ranking YOUR dragons by best chance. Create free account, enter your Storm8 ID, then go on DS to invite site author Pasi (Dwagoncave ID: triopasi). All your dragons & Habitats will be listed on DSD soon. [[NOTE how you 1st type screen name & password. CAPITALIZATION & spacing matters. (My screen name is "IfSo" & can't sign in w/ "Ifso".)]]

    DSD 2: Pasi manually updates periodically. If you level up a dragon & want it to be considered when Battling, @ "MY DRAGONS" click on a dragon to change it's level. There is a list of all dragons you're missing that can be added when you get them. SECURITY CONCERNS: Pasi is only able to visit your Island as a regular neighbor. He CAN NOT make any changes to your account nor your Island. Pasi CAN NOT see your Storm8 password nor any billing Data.

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    • 1 that's pretty cool that we were born around the same day. :)

      2 we are already neighbors, my island name is Xenon's Harbor. ;)

      3 oh yes, I am definitely familiar with Pasi. His website is a lifesaver in some cases.

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    • OMG you are if! I have seen you post on one of my neighbours walls, a Zaara...., and you gave the DFS for tournament battles, which I am in love with! I think it was also you on the S8 forum, as your username is similar to the one you are posting under here, and I wasn't sure after I saw your post on my neighbours wall about it if you were the same person or not lol. I keep trying to visit you, but it's a surefire way for my game to crash. I don't know why, but everytime I click visit on you, my game just stops and kicks me out :(  I'm so excited! I love your DFS, it's awsome not having a spa queue at the end of a tournament, specially when they straight away start another one, and there is no better feeling than taking down a level 20 Glasswing (which dragon I will covet forever, even the egg is stunning) with a level 1 fire dragon lol :) Thankyou for sharing it :)

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    • Doh! & LOL!!! W/ over 300 Neighbors I lose track. I visited your island & left a Post.  :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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