• This will likely be the last Post to your Wall (today).  :)

    I just Posted a Blog w/ on my Forum Page. How do I create a link to it when Posting on the Forum? Are keywords how my Blog might come up when folks do a search?

    Breeding THEORY & Algorithm Analysis SmartAlyx February 3, 2017 User blog:SmartAlyx

    Thanks again for your help.  :)

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    • I'm not too familiar with how the forum works, as I'm almost never on there, so if there isn't a button which lets you put links to pages in your posts than I cannot help you. Sorry.

      Apart from that, I've taken a brief look at your blog (I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, I'll read it more in depth later), and it looks pretty good!

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    • Thanks so much for taking the time. I am about to be busy too. Hope you have a good day. I will look forward to any critique you have time to give on my Breeding THEORY Blog. I will eventually rewrite it for readability...

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