• Is there any way you can send me copy of the dragon chart or explain how you got it. I don't know how to start my own page in wiki. I would love too just for this chart. I have a awful time trying to figure out if I have duplicates. Now with the trading restrictions is so difficult to figure out what can be traded and what can't be.

    I have two Lunar Luck dragons. One can't be traded because it's from a World event but one should be able to trade because it was from something else. I guessing the spin. It stll will not let me trade one. I'm wasting food. O

    I've been playing for over 4 years. Post on one of my games if u need help. I'm Oyakoko & Oyakoko🌸. Anything u can do to help me would be great. Thank you

    Also tell your friend that the glitches that allow u to float on water are fun but if it is where an expansion is planned they will not be able too expand. Some of my nbrs were not able to remove item they had on the water & they were stuck for months. DS was not very helpful.

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    • To my knowledge, the Lunar Luck Dragon was only obtainable through a single world event, so if you have multiple than it was through a glitch with world events (this is not uncommon). And how you got the dragon does not affect if it's tradable, only how it was first released (ie: if it was originally a Dragon Tales dragon (with some exceptions) then you can never trade it, no matter how you got it). Also keep in mind that certain types of dragons just cannot be traded at all. Check the notes section of the Trading Portal page.

      As for the checklist, follow the instructions here.

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