• After u have the chart how do u keep it current? It would also be helpful if there was a way to indicate what dragons were breedable, rare and tradeable.

    U can visit me at DragonsL60. I am not adding more nbrs except unless needed. I can't do justice to all the nbrs I have. I do my best to help the newer players. My older players have been with me for years. We understand after a certain point it's almost impossible to visit and leave messages because it crashes our program and dumps us out of the app.

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    • Everyone's checklist is updated automatically once someone updates the checklist code (which happens after updates). All you need to do is input whether or not you have the dragon (I generally wait awhile and do a mass update, instead of updating after every new dragon).

      The Trading Portal page tells which dragons aren't tradable (under the notes section), and there are multpile pages which tell whether or not a dragon is breedable and its rarity. To have the checklist show this as well would just be redundant, and honestly I am not sure how to add that anyway (nor am I willing to figure it out).

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