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    • It's quite rare, but I do occasionally get 4 hits from the mine...

      I've heard tales of getting five parts at once, but never successfully done it myself...

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    • I have a little collection of screenshots, where I was lucky at mineĀ :)

      IMG 1517
      IMG 2003
      IMG 2262
      Screenshot 2017-04-30-11-53-01
      Screenshot 2017-07-26-12-28-41-742 com.teamlava.dragon57
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    • You know in theory, one could get 12 parts in one go... But that would require every tap to be a successful hit. It is possible (unless there's something that I'm not aware of), but you'd have to be the god of luck to do it...

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    • I'm not 100% sure, but I thought that 5 parts is the maximum number for every approach.

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    • This is the first time I've heard of that (that's why I said "unless there's something that I'm not aware of"). There's nothing on the Mining page about that though (unless I'm blind), so maybe could someone else confirm this?

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