• A few days ago I finished my very first tournament! I've used the disposable Fire method in the past but this time I didn't give up after 1 or 2 attempts.

    I caved in and purchased Achilles when he was on sale. He turned out to be a gold mine because he was ready for the free boosted breeding weekend. I ended up breeding my very first Diamond hybrids: 2 RIDGEBACK, 2 ANGEL, 1 ACHILLES, 1 CRUSADER (also 1 Love, 3 Laserlight and dozens of Fire).

    I have Electric in evo and can't wait to breed him with Achilles! I'm also tempted to try my luck again with Wizard + green/yellow again.

    Thank you for your advice and encouragement!

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    • I am always glad to be of service. You can always feel free to ask if you have any more questions.

      Congrats on your diamonds!! That's crazy how you got so many so quickly. You should definitely go for Wizard x Green/Yellow, that's how I got my first Diamond (I had a Diamond temple activated as well, so that helped). While Achilles fills the same niche as Diamond in the arena, Diamond does it way cheaper, and is more useful than Achilles in breeding because it doesn't add any Olympus hybrids.

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