• Summer 2015 I was introduced to Dragon Story - it was a 'challenge' in another game I was playing.  And yes - I was hooked !  I love your image wall of dragons.  Did you design & create?  Notice you don't have some of the commons (Love) - do you sell/trade when you breed?  I'm still learning lots about the game.  Only today I discovered that accepting requests for mystic maps didn't deplete my numbers (so sorry neighbours).  You said you got dragons (scarecrow / lightning) from your IOS friends, and could share parts (??)  Do Tell !!

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    • 1. You can find info about the dragon checklist here. It is not something which I created. Many users have one.

      2. I have not updated this checklist in a very long time (I have been meaning to but I am too lazy. -_-), so it does not show which dragons I have currently. But in particular, I absolutely HATE the Love Dragon, so I do not keep them unless I absolutely must (which is never). I sell any duplicates immediately.

      3. Yes, I had a friend who had an iOS device who I had log onto my android account and get me those three dragons which I would be unable to get otherwise.

      4. In what context did I say you can share parts, because I have no idea what you are talking about, nor do I know what "parts" you are referring to.

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    • 1) I like the version of the dragon checklist.  I have created a excel spreadsheet for mine.  Have a few - one for dragons, one for habitats, one for evolving. 

      ​2)  I've kept 2 of commons, (for the 'bred a ..' in the challenges) and 3 of rare/super rare. Will be paring down as space is becoming a premium.

      3)I have both andoid and IOS so should be able to do myself.  Nervous cause I definitely don't want to lose anything !!

      4) You started it !  On your main page - "If you need maps or parts ......"

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    • 1. I don't even keep duplicate rares/SRs anymore. I have plenty of unexpanded room, I'm just too lazy to scroll through all of my neighbors (1st world problems, I know, but seriously takes way too long).

      2. Don't worry, you will not lose anything. Anything you earn on iOS will stay on Android, and vice versa.

      3. OH! Now I see. By "parts", I mean stuff like Lotus Blossoms or Picnic Cloths (things that are tales exclusive). Not things like Sapphires or Nether Dust (I wish, I have a surplus of large gems that will never be used -_-).

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