• Here are my battle results. I hope it helps some of you. B stands for bash, M stands for magic. Capital letter is a critical hit, lower case is minor hit.

    1. Macaw 1 < Nomad 13 bmb

    2. Eco 2 < Aether 10 bM

    3. Empress 2 < Bramble 11 bM

    4. Kabuki 3 < Nightwing 10 Bb

    5. Tie Dye 4 < Cheshire 7 mB

    6. Sugar Skull 4 < Ice Giant 14 Bb

    7. Forgefather 5 < Forgefather 12 B

    8. Daywing 6 < Wardrum 10 M

    9. Soccer 7 < Dark Omen 14 B

    10. Blossom 11 < Cursed Rose 10 B

    11. Immovable 8 < Neo Bat 12 Bb

    12. Sulfur 10 < Never Ending 8 B

    13. Warden 11 < Fire 15 B

    14. Spring 13 < Hades 9 bM

    15. Taurus 14 < Amazon 8 bmb

    16. Storm8 17 < Water 15 bM

    17. Libra 15 < Transformation 8 bmb

    18. Stellar Aurora 15 < Aphrodite 9 B

    19. Huntress 16 < Mithril 12 bM

    20. Mystic 19 < Watermelon 9 bM

    21. Skeleton 14 < Fool 10 Bb

    22. Gentle Knight 15 < USA 10 bM

    23. Eco 20 < Unruly 8 Mb

    24. Wild Imp 18 < Bride of Franken 8 Bb

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    • Congrats and Thanks for sharing! I'm learning to battle and I like these shorter tournaments & hope Storm8 quits the long ones lol

      Do you know what weakness Elemental has? Or Tarot? It's apparent that these types have (just as Spook or Soccer etc does) strengths & weaknesses), yet they're not listed in the tables. Sylvander doesn't keep up with them any more so our resources are limited now. It's obvious you have a lot of experience battling

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    • I'm hoping to add to the table for future battles

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    • I found Elemental to be weak against water and Tarot to be weak against pink.

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    • Elemental and Tarot both don't have any strength or weakness at the moment in the game. Battle calculator and the blog from Sylvander are updated after every change in the game by the current admins.

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    • I see when the battle calculator is updated... Saw it on Soccer, Egypt, spook, Fey & new Diamond combos etc but the table isn't accurate to calculate percentages like Sylvander's was. Sylvander said he doesn't update his table & hasnt for some time.

      I see another table on Storm8 that has more strength & weaknesses listed & it's obvious that the Wiki table on the Battle page is outdated... For example it lists Metal has no effect strength or weakness ponts but then it lists a weakness to Red

      Just 1 example. It's a lot of work to put in the table

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    • Starship412 wrote: I found Elemental to be weak against water and Tarot to be weak against pink.

      Thanks for responding. Ive been testing and comparing a few calculators and find discrepancies less often than I thought I would but new types take some time before I see the change roll in. In my opinion (if have to look at the code to be sure) there are several types where the strength and weaknesses skew the percentage of a critical hit that aren't listed in the tables. I see in generated from the calculator. It's time consuming to analyze but I'm curious lol

      Breeding as well... For example Spook will retain Black so people are breeding an Emberglow lol

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    • So why not check the code if you want to know and don't believe things? 

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    • Jackiesq wrote: So why not check the code if you want to know and don't believe things? 

      I didn't know code was available... I'd enjoy helping. It's not so much "not believing it" ... I can see the hard work people spend to quickly updating the calculators but the tables doesnt always match the percentages like Sylvander's did. I was surprised how quickly the new dragons were added here on the Wiki. It's awesome.

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    • The problem with the calculators is that they have to be aproved by wiki. That's something new from after Silvander was admin. The admins use the sourcedata (like I do for my own calculations and other info) to publish everything asap after every update! They can always make a typo, or forget something, but mostly it's correct. The time between changing the calculations and the moment it's visible on the forum is something they can't control.

      I can tell you from the source, that the types are planned to have strengths and weaknesses! So maybe that's what some people have seen and posted. But in the part that really controls the critical hit chances the types not listed (yet). That's why the info here in the forumtable is correct (for now). Calculators usually take a few hours, but like now with Thanksgiving it can take a few days. But I don't know if you also use other tables, can't tell you anything about them if you do...

      It's very easy to do a single calculation yourself with the info from Sylvander. I do that very often for new dragons before they are in the calculators. I have it all in a spreadsheet level/rarity/type to get the total score.

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