• The watch a video for a free gift has changed from being just a short 30 second video to a few different outcomes, one of which is completing what was described as a short survey which turned out to be 5 minutes and there was no option to decline. When I saw it would take 5 minutes and not saying what the reward would be, I decided not to do it, but I had to force close it to get out of it. Have Team Lava gone completely insane! Who the heck wants to do surveys just to be rewarded with who knows what! It's crazy. With all these latest changes to the game namely the fiasco with the land expansion saga, they have really turned into the Christmas Grinch Bah Humbug TL you have really outdone yourselves this time.

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    • Why does the crafting of the token have to be 24 hours, especially as the more you expand the more you need to craft to match each expansion.  Soon it will take nearly 1 month to expand as DT needs crafting so you can"t craft any tokens for 10 days.  

      Seriously not much thought given here or how it will impact players.

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    • To answer your question Yummy Cafe, I think TL's aim by making the keys a 24 hour craft, was to encourage players to spend gold and speed up the process. They are playing a game of give and take, knowing a lot of older players are desperate for more land and have more than likely amassed quite a bit of gold over time and so they want us to spend it. But all they are really doing is pîssing players off by making the expansions an adsurdly long process that will take years if you don't spend gold.

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