• I just traded a never ending dragon and instead of the regular gems it showed some weird genie type bottle....what is that for? Plus the time for trading is longer and costs like 80 gold to fast forward....

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    • Would be nice if we were notified beforehand.  And told what is going to happen or replace. I don't like this kind of surprises.

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    • I think most of the gem type dragons are going to expire.....they are all showing limited tabs on them.....

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    • The essence is new update... you can use to attract (aka trade for) new dragons. 100 for common, 400 for rare, 800 for super rare and 1600 for ultra... very nice, but I wish I hadn't sold/trade some duplicate in the past :/

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    • From what I see in a quick view;

      Trading Commons give 1 essence (the buyable for coins) other commons 2 essences after 12 hours in portal. Buying costs 100.

      Trading Rares 10 essence after 20 hours. Buying costs 400.

      Trading Superrares 40 essences after 24 hours. Buying costs 800.

      Trading Ultrarares 100 essences after 24 hours. Buying costs 1600.

      Speeding up portal costs 1 gold every 15 minutes.

      (Not available for my Android yet, ofcourse...)

      I don't see the costs for some dragons like GPD Rose Gold or Ancient Star from the ticketshop, so I guess not all dragons are available this way (for now)... but I can't check it in my Android game.

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    • Will the essence only be useable in the ticket temple? I haven't felt the need to purchase the temple - but this may force my hand. I was soooo close to crafting some dragons but will miss out. I can craft a zillion rubies, sapphires, topaz ... can I then trade for essence?

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    • Yes, you can, but it's kind of useless imo....

      You get 10 essence after trading Rare dragons, like Ruby for 20 hour. You can trade every Rare breedingfail to get that 10 essence, it doesn't matter what gemcolors...

      But if you don't have your first unique dragon of one or more of this dragons yet, but do have the gems to craft them the old way, I should defenitly craft them now! You need 400 essences to craft this Rare dragons the new way, that's 40 Ruby's x 20 hours, So you need 800 hours trading in the Portal before you can craft one of this the new way!

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    • Here what you need to do before panicing coz its way too easy for those who has dimaond dragon and fire dragon in etleast adult form to be able to breed.

      Now for those who do not have diamond are find themselves in mush hard situations as compared to those who already owns a diamond dragon.

      Now ultra rare dragon gives you 100 essense right? well use fire and diamond as breeding pair, with some fire fails of just about 2 seconds, you got an ultra rare possibly Ragnokc, or Crusader right? get those to adult form, Dragon portal will take 24 hours to get you 100 essense and voila, with some effort you can get all the dragons you want without trying to breed them.

      Same goes for Dimaond and Forest, with some 10 seconds fails of Forest you get Quetzal, another very very easy ultra rare dragon you can get.

      Now with these very easy breedable ultra rares, trade them to Dragon Portal, get 100 Essense for each of them and its really fast to get 1600 or 800 essense

      Your choice now.

      Have fun crafting them. Its a very very easy shortcut. Reply back if you agree and like the shortcut way. For those who does not own a diamond dragon, man sorry folks, there is no shortcut for you guys.

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    • Do you have to have a ticket temple in order to use the essence or can you use directly in the spell shop (same as gems - well for at least a couple of days LOL) ?

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    • No ticket Temple isn’t a must...spell shop and trading portal are needed

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    • Thanks

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    • Does anyone know why I can't trade a Venus dragon for essence?

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    • No clue why, except that S8 forgot them. I checked my cosmic types, and most of the planet-named dragons are not tradeable, like Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, and Neo Meteor, Neo Moon, Orbit and Universe as well. They were all released around the same time, so I guess S8 forgot to remove the trading block for this series of dragons.

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