• I noticed there is a page called dragon types which is very useful. However, only a few dragon images are shown and the rest are listed by names. Is there anyway that I can see all the images but not have to click on each link separately?

    My friend wants to know the names of the dragons but she has the Japanese version and the names are not all the same so it’s difficult for her to use things like the battle or breeding calculator. So, she wants to be able to search for dragons based on types and browse through the images. 

    If anyone knows if this can be done, I’d love to know!

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    • Sure! The Dragons page lists all the dragons in the game and it has their pictures beside the names. And if she's searching through only expired dragons she can also go to the Limited Dragons page. Hope that helps! :)

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    • Wow, thanks a lot Curlyee! That helps a bunch!

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      On 2nd pix,the dark cloud-headed dragons....
      Screenshot 2018-12-31-16-43-47
      Screenshot 2019-01-03-17-20-13
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    • The top one is Summer Lily (a recolor of Winter Lily), and it was an Arena crafting dragon from last May. Since he's a newer dragon, I think the chances of it being re-released this spring are pretty good ... but with how S8 makes their crazy decisions, who knows? Sometimes it seems like they just drunkenly throw darts at a board of dragon names.:D

      The bottom one is Mindvolt. He was one of the old original dragons that was retired last year. He has popped up for sale or for breeding a few times since then. Seems like that will probably be a regular thing since he's an OG.

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    • Omg...I have 2 mind volts,one infant and 1 juvie...need to feed them more !!! Thanks so much!!

      Other is beautiful. Hope one of those drunken darts finds its mark. Lol! Yeah..I play other S8 games and I've given up on goals due to thier dopey changes. More work than fun!

      Thanks again,


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    • I Posted under mindvolts ....mine look nothing like the pix on its page or in my initial post ......
      Screenshot 2019-01-04-21-14-03-1

      My mindvolts.....

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    • So...turns out..........I am a complete mine are clearly plain old VOLT DRAGONS not mindvolts....sooooorrrry....

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    • A FANDOM user
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