• After feeding my first dragon up to level 15 (finally😄), I am ready to branch out into Primes.🎉

    My newly level 15 Diamond Dragon needs a mate or two. Just did a bunch of research on pairings, food costs, etc., and have narrowed the main contenders down to two: Flamingo or Dark Omen. I need opinions, please! Here's the pros and cons:

    Flamingo •Flamingo is the cheapest of my black/pinks to feed •Flamingo X Diamond has a large number of Prime offspring: Power, Loyal, Magic, Eternal, and Void. •It can produce all of the black/diamond hybrids (I have none), plus Beryl, Anubis, and Angel. Goblin and Pixie, too. •It has a lot of long fails: Bubble, Titan, Moon, Wizard, Peumbra, and more. Ick. But, also lots of low(ish)-timer super rare fails for trading. •The longest common fails are Luck(17) and Charm(16). Not great. •Food Cost: 304,500 (currently level 10). Ouch.

    Dark Omen •My Dark Omen is already level 12, so the food costs are much lower than Flamingo- only 178,000. •The trade off is Diamond X Dark Omen has far fewer Prime offspring: Energy and Eternal. On the plus side, these are two of my favorite Primes. •The combo can also produce all the black/diamond hybrids, plus Beryl, Anubis and Illusion. •Longest common fail is Mist (14). Not bad. The others are 10 hrs. or less. •Not as many long fails as Flamingo (and at least Social is a super rare, unlike many of the long Flamingo fails) •Clown fails for trading

    Looking at the pros and cons, they seem pretty evenly matched. I suck at making decisions and keep waffling back and forth between which one is a better choice. My favorite Primes are Energy, Void, Eternal, and Life, so basically both parings offer two Primes I really want. And, of those, Eternal will be damn near impossible to breed. The rest (Power, Loyal, etc.) would just be for collection purposes. Neither Flamingo nor Dark Omen will do much in the Arena, so that's not a consideration.

    Other dragons I've been looking at are Curio (already level 14) for Prime Energy and either Leaf or Seeker for Prime Life. Need some Prime Chroma breeding ideas, too. Whichever dragon(s) are chosen, it's gonna take a lot food, so I want to do this wisely.

    Any suggestions/recommendations/opinions/sharing of experiences would be greatly appreciated!

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    • As I read this, I feel so stupid.....😬😬😬

      I went around raising Fire, Air, Forest, Water, Virtue, Light and Ironbark to level 15 ....and was then able to successfully get all the think the food I wasted.... D’oh!🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

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    • That way has benefits, too, though! With specific/targeted breeding, I'm sure you bred the Primes in much less time than it's going to take me.

      I've always been a fan of the 'cast a wide net' way of breeding, but the results are becoming less satisfying now that I have collected most of the permanent breedables. Even so, it still pains me to see short list of possible outcomes.😄 The stupid Tales commons have been killing me because half my brain keeps whispering stuff like, "heeeey ... why breed just Forest X Air when trying for Peridot when you could throw some white in there and maybe get Caesar?" ... which usually out to be a very bad idea.😄

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    • My brain also whispered "Hey, people got it with gemstone and Forest... You could breed Emerald and Diamond, and maybe end up with Chakra, or else, an extra 100 essence..." Nope. Island. Another Island. Emerald. Waverider. BAD idea. :D. Well, maybe not as bad as mixing white, yellow and green together. I guess you are in for the top ten of long fails this way... Sunrise, Island, Pegasus, Elder (shudder).

      Concerning the Prime breeding: in the beginning I also opted for one pair of "all-prime"-parents (except Prime Eternal), which was Marshmallow and Idol. I never managed to feed Idol up to 15. I stopped at 14... greedy bastard. I instead fed other dragons, mostly the tale ones, that you have to bring to 14 anyways, to 15, and breed with them. Now in the meantime I bred Prime Magic and Prime Life, don't ask me which combos, but I probably posted them on the respective pages. So, I don't need purple in my breeding mix, and no green... which makes both my all-prime-parents kind of unfit, because you just get more fails...

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    • So to sum it up...if you want to save on food...then your way is the right way....👍🏼

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    • I've managed to breed a number of Primes: Arcane, Chroma, Life, Loyal, Magic & Void plus bought Eternal with 1600 essence in 2 years of playing Dragon Story. I wish I could remember which combos I used. I'm like @JulieWild in that regard. I probably posted the combos if I remembered them under that dragon's page at that time. But I've taken the approach of feeding the dragons that fight well to level 15 first. Now I'm in the process of feeding the other dragons to level 10 before I take them to level 15. It will take a long time to complete that journey.

      In your case, I'd feed Dark Omen to level 15 and start breeding with him. Then you can slowly feed Flamingo to level 15 and do the same. That way you can start almost right away and then when the other one is there, you have double the chances.


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    • Finally fed Dark Omen up to 15 about an hour ago (waited till I had 400,000 food so it wouldn't run me dry). First breeding attempt: 18 hrs! It's either Prime Energy or Trickster.😄 Crazy! Tempted to speed it up but will wait.

      ETA: It was Trickster. Next Attempt: 16 hrs. :)

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