• So I’ve been trying to change my profile picture on this and it won’t let me I know how it just won’t load or let me

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    • Hi, I saw your post and I think Knj00 is currently out of town.

      You can't use an iPhone or iPad to change your profile picture on Wikia/Fandom (not sure about Android mobile devices, since I don't have one). IIRC, it has something to do with image file types, or the way mobile Apple devices save and/or upload image files?? You have to use a PC to change your pic.

      I had the same issue when I tried to change my avatar about a year ago, and found an article about it on the Wikia/Fandom support page. Using my laptop worked. Will post a link if I can find the article again... it's being elusive right now...

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    • Thanks!

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