• So weird ...

    1- on storm8 forum: no official post for the new Community Event.

    2- also on storm8 forum: no official post for the Battlemage battle arena tournament.

    3- The home page says that the main database was updated on Sept. 2 but everything is blank. (My database hasn't been updated since June but I visit every day and can usually see my dragons).

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    • They also deleted at least 2 pages worth of discussion about the screw up on the habitat sale pricing. I was looking though the forum shortly after the WE started and all the comments I saw then are now gone. Pretty sure there was a WE thread, too. Maybe there was a lot of negative feedback so deleted it? Idk, but wouldn't be surprised.😕

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    • I finally started a thread on the Battlemage tournament but the lack of official threads is very disconcerting.

      At least the negative threads I was following are still there: Dragon Stable Upgrade (incorrect pricing) and the 4 Habitats (don't fit together as displayed in the advertisement).

      And there is some great news, Pasi's database,, is fixed and working great.

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    • Woot, that last bit is good news. I was worried that (s)he gave up playing and ergo also the database.

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    • Pasi's database is not all the way back. He, definitely he, has not gotten our individual dragon lists updated. He has updated the dragons to include all the dragons S8 has published to this point. He hasn't updated the habitats part or the stats pages. I'm not sure why because I have submitted messages to him and not gotten any return messages.

      It is good that the dragons got updated. He did say on the site that when he tried to update, that it broke everything.


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    • Yes, I noticed that my Infinity is still lvl 10 on his page, even though I fed him up like beginning of this year. I now manually added the correct level. Have to go through my list and do that for all my lvl 10+ dragons... I don't know about the habitats, I never looked really at that. I mostly use his battle calculator for bingo battles and tale battles, since you can do the type filtering.

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    • My understanding is that the database is automatically updated via wifi. The signal isn't strong and so that affects how often individual islands are updated.

      My island hasn't been updated since June 12 but I'm usually updated about once a month.

      The recent problem was something with updating to the main storm8 database.

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